CO Gold 2017 Saturday Sessions

And we’re back!


Saturday September 9th was another super busy day in the land of Conferences.


The first session of the day for me (which took up the full morning) was special session. It was held by the Nelson Literary Agency and was an intimate group of twelve writers and four members of their agency. We had previously submitted our synopses about a month before conferences. Everyone read through everyone’s synopsis and brought notes to discuss the story. I got a lot of good feedback from everyone in the room which got me thinking on where I need to take Time Healer.


After that we had an amazing lunch with the Writers of the Year and got to hear some inspirational stories from them.


After lunch I jumped right into some regular length sessions as well:

  • I went to an IPAL First Sale Panel which was very interesting. I learned some interesting facts from these independently published authors. They gave some great tips for if I decide to pursue self-publishing.
  • After that was a session on Magic-Wand Words by Janet Lane in which we talked about strong word choice and phrasing. That it is good to have 2-3 powerful statements in a manuscript, something that will stick with you and with your readers.
  • To wrap up the day on sessions I went to a 2-part session with Diana Gabaldon on White Space. This was super interesting. She spoke about how white space can be important in a story and help to speed up the pacing of a story and leave different impacts that heavier prose. She read several scenes from her books and talked about how her different writing styles in different scenes help to set tone, pace, emotion, characterization, etc. throughout the story. It was great to both hear her read as well as understand her thought process behind some of these scenes. The second part was kind of a Q & A session about her writing process. I found out that she doesn’t tend to plot in very much detail, and she also doesn’t write in drafts. She works scene by scene and focuses on ones that call to her first. She then turns and works it until it is perfect. When she has them perfect they all tie together and she has to do very little tieing in for the scenes. It was very interesting.


After that session it was time to have an amazing dinner. Dinner was again spent with friends and new acquaintances. It was super fun to see all the people having a great time. This was also their awards banquet for their contest winners. After winners were announced we heard a hilarious and inspiration speech by keynote Sherry Thomas.


That wrapped up the night and I headed home.


Next week we’ll talk about the final day of conference.


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