CO Gold 2017 Friday Sessions

Hi everybody!


Friday September 8th was the first day of Conference for CO Gold. I got to the hotel a little early, since it was a new venue for me, and checked out where everything was. It was nice to see all the new faces coming in and sitting and talking with a couple of people that had the badges on for the conference.


The first session of that day was a longer one (basically the whole morning) and it was on editing. Deep Revision with Heather Webb was an amazing session. Not only did she talk about how she personally edits but she talked about it in the sense of writing. She writes in drafts and with each draft she focuses on a certain aspect of the writing. Starting with the broad topics and slowly narrowing down to the mechanics and fine tuning. I think I am going to try out this process with the editing I’m about to dive into with Time Healer.


After a nice, relaxing lunch were some regular length sessions that were very informative:

  • 8 Weeks To A Complete Novel with Becky Clark — I always like to see the writing processes of different writers. Especially since I’ve really been trying to find out what works for me. There were a lot of takeaways for me from this one. It showed a great way of spending basically two months to go from research, writing, and finishing up with editing. Definitely going to go through my notes on that one in the coming weeks as I try to find a good process for myself.
  • James Hunter had a session called The Villain’s Story which talked about how to make your antagonists real in your story. Your villain should play off your protagonist and not just be “crazy” or “evil” with no reasoning behind it. I know I need to work on the villains in my stories. I always have a hard time finding their motivation.
  • How To Write Breathtaking Action Scenes by Bonnie Ramthun was great. I’ve always loved the workshops she does. She combines information with fun and makes them super interactive. It was nice to go through and pick out different aspects of famous action scenes and find the things that make them so impactful.
  • Keynote speaker Lori Rader Day had a session to wrap up the day called Liars and Thieves. It was a fun session to watch and it was a great way to go through what makes those unlikeable characters so real and likeable in ways.


After the sessions for that day we had an amazing dinner. I sat with friends that I knew from previous years at PPWC and I met some new ones at the table as well. It was great food and the keynote speech was done by Diana Gabaldon. I loved hearing her story (parts of which I’d known because I was a fan) and seeing how she ticked as a writer. It was amazing hearing her story.


After dinner was their amazing book signing event and I spent a few minutes going around before heading home for the day. I will say that the first day of conference was super successful. It had my head buzzing with plans that I’m still trying to sort out.


Next week we’ll talk about day 2 of the conference. See you there lovelies!