CO Gold 2017 Overall Impression

Hey guys!

I know that it’s been a little while (sorry!) and I don’t really have an excuse. The Day Job has kept me busy as I save up some money for Piper’s birthday and Christmas. I’ve been planning and getting things prepped over the last couple months. Also, I’ve learned that sometimes I just need a break from writing to not feel too overwhelmed.


Today I wanted to talk about Conference #2 of the year — RMFW’s Colorado Gold Conference. This conference was the second of the year that I attended. That was a first for me as well and I was fortunate to have the ability to do both this year.


I loved that the atmosphere of this conference was very similar to the other I went to, everyone was friendly and the feeling of a tribe really resonated that entire weekend. Even so, I felt shy with all the new people. I am definitely an introvert. But over the weekend I definitely felt myself opening up to new people and made some new friends.


Some of my biggest memories/takeaways:

  • All the Keynote Speakers: All three of the keynotes were AMAZING! Diana Gabaldon was exciting to see as she’s been a favorite author of mine for years and years. Lori Rader Day was hilarious to listen to and told a very touching story. Sherry Thomas was very funny as well and told an inspirational story during her talk.
  • The variety of workshops: I loved the slightly different workshops that were available during the conference. I went to a variety of them and took something away from each one.
  • A renewed passion for an existing story: Time Healer is about to get a major overhaul after some feedback I got during some of my workshops.


Will I be back next year?


If the money gods play in my favor I think it will be a very big possibility!


I will follow this up with some recaps from the days, similar to what I did with PPWC. So look forward to that as well.