Sunday PPWC 2017

The next morning of PPWC I was in a much better mindset and went to all the sessions that I could.


First of the morning was Say What? with Barbara Nickless. This was a session on dialogue and full of major impact. I know I don’t always have the best dialogue but I’ve been working on it. She talked about scene and character development from a dialogue standpoint and it was amazing.



Our next session was How to Add Suspense to Your Writing with Fleur Bradley. This was an amazing session and gave me great ideas for how to add some suspense.



The final session that I took for PPWC 2017 was with one of my most favorite people ever: MK Meredith. To Kiss or Not to Kiss in Genre Fiction was great because it talked about adding romantic elements to a non-romance genre story. Since I do have some romantic elements in Time Healer as well as plan on adding some elements in other story lines, it was good to get this information.


With PPWC 2017 put to bed, it has invigorated all of my writing plans.


Have you gone to any conferences this year? Which ones? What was your biggest take aways?



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