Saturday PPWC 2017

So, the Saturday of PPWC 2017 was a little bit of rough one for me. My mind was on my family and the fact that I was missing my beloved grandmother’s funeral. It wasn’t feasible for me to go, but I was distracted and didn’t want my sad mood to ruin things for others. I did go to a few sessions and rested and had a mental break for the rest of the day before the banquet dinner.

But lets talk about the few that I did go to that day.


The first of the morning was a session called It Ain’t The Writing, It’s the Rewriting with Travis Heermann. The biggest thing that I took away from this session that you always want to work on the big picture things first and then work down to the finite details.




The next session was Write Faster presented by Jennie Marts. It was a great session that I plan to implement on my Writing Mondays. It was all about how to sprint write and setting goals.


The final panel I did for the day was a Mystery Panel that had Laura DiSilverio, Tess Gerritsen, Megan Rutter, and Robert Spiller. This was a fun panel and very informative. I wanted to see this, especially for my detective story. I’m not sure how it will go but it did open my eyes up a lot more.

After this I went to the lunch and listened to the amazing Kevin Hearne speak. It was an empowering speech and left a wonderful feeling.

The rest of the day was spent vegging in front of the TV and napping. But then I got my butt up and dressed up so I could go to the banquet. I leave you with fancy Cara.



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