Friday PPWC 2017

Hey, guys. This week we’re going to do an overview of Friday’s sessions.

I realized I didn’t take a lot of pictures this day. So I’ll leave you with what I do have. This was the day of the costume banquet as well. So I started off the day dressed as Provincial Belle from Beauty and the Beast:


The first session of the morning was held by the amazing Carol Berg on Unforgettable Characters. She went through a lot of character development information. Her sessions are always amazing. I’ve never left one of her sessions disappointed. Usually I leave with ideas and plans brewing like crazy in my head.


We talked about the complexity of real people and how important it is to add that complexity to our characters. Primary/main characters definitely need to have complexity and deep development, but so do our secondary characters. You don’t want all of the characters to sit flat. You also don’t want your secondary characters to all feel the same.


The next workshop that I went to was with Laura DiSilverio on Using Setting to Reveal Character. Another panel on characterization. This took a whole new look at characterization. You can use the place around a person to give you characterization. When your characters are describing their surroundings it can say a lot about a person. You can understand their economic circumstances, their world view, their background, and so much more. It was very impactful.


After that I went to a session on discussing your story in public with others. Hosted by Chris Mandeville, Chat It Up, was full of interesting things to do. There was a lot of information on how to prep yourself. Meditation, log lines, and what kind of details to include in your discussions. It was a very good workshop especially since I’m terrible at talking about my work.


Next up was Writing the Killer Query Letter with M.H. Boroson. This was very informative. I haven’t written many query letters and wanted to get an in-person look at how other write it. I got a lot of ideas and it was interesting to hear his point of view on the whole process.



Next was a super awesome one on forensics. The amazing Megan Rutter held a session called Before Sherlock: Forensics for Historical and Fantasy Novels. This was super interesting because I love history and I was excited to see the development of forensics through the ages. I took this session for a couple different reasons: first I wanted the history lesson from a forensic anthropologist and second I wanted to see if I could work it into a story idea.




After Megan’s session, I went to a very informative session held by Sam Knight. Things to Consider Before You Submit to an Editor was full of a lot of details I really needed to hear. I wanted to see what an editors insight was on the editing process, especially since he is a writer as well. It was very good information and hopefully I can use a lot of it in the next stages of writing Time Healer.




So that was my Friday. Here is how I ended the night:




A Whisper In The Ear

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