Sunday PPWC 2017

The next morning of PPWC I was in a much better mindset and went to all the sessions that I could.


First of the morning was Say What? with Barbara Nickless. This was a session on dialogue and full of major impact. I know I don’t always have the best dialogue but I’ve been working on it. She talked about scene and character development from a dialogue standpoint and it was amazing.



Our next session was How to Add Suspense to Your Writing with Fleur Bradley. This was an amazing session and gave me great ideas for how to add some suspense.



The final session that I took for PPWC 2017 was with one of my most favorite people ever: MK Meredith. To Kiss or Not to Kiss in Genre Fiction was great because it talked about adding romantic elements to a non-romance genre story. Since I do have some romantic elements in Time Healer as well as plan on adding some elements in other story lines, it was good to get this information.


With PPWC 2017 put to bed, it has invigorated all of my writing plans.


Have you gone to any conferences this year? Which ones? What was your biggest take aways?



Saturday PPWC 2017

So, the Saturday of PPWC 2017 was a little bit of rough one for me. My mind was on my family and the fact that I was missing my beloved grandmother’s funeral. It wasn’t feasible for me to go, but I was distracted and didn’t want my sad mood to ruin things for others. I did go to a few sessions and rested and had a mental break for the rest of the day before the banquet dinner.

But lets talk about the few that I did go to that day.


The first of the morning was a session called It Ain’t The Writing, It’s the Rewriting with Travis Heermann. The biggest thing that I took away from this session that you always want to work on the big picture things first and then work down to the finite details.




The next session was Write Faster presented by Jennie Marts. It was a great session that I plan to implement on my Writing Mondays. It was all about how to sprint write and setting goals.


The final panel I did for the day was a Mystery Panel that had Laura DiSilverio, Tess Gerritsen, Megan Rutter, and Robert Spiller. This was a fun panel and very informative. I wanted to see this, especially for my detective story. I’m not sure how it will go but it did open my eyes up a lot more.

After this I went to the lunch and listened to the amazing Kevin Hearne speak. It was an empowering speech and left a wonderful feeling.

The rest of the day was spent vegging in front of the TV and napping. But then I got my butt up and dressed up so I could go to the banquet. I leave you with fancy Cara.


Friday PPWC 2017

Hey, guys. This week we’re going to do an overview of Friday’s sessions.

I realized I didn’t take a lot of pictures this day. So I’ll leave you with what I do have. This was the day of the costume banquet as well. So I started off the day dressed as Provincial Belle from Beauty and the Beast:


The first session of the morning was held by the amazing Carol Berg on Unforgettable Characters. She went through a lot of character development information. Her sessions are always amazing. I’ve never left one of her sessions disappointed. Usually I leave with ideas and plans brewing like crazy in my head.


We talked about the complexity of real people and how important it is to add that complexity to our characters. Primary/main characters definitely need to have complexity and deep development, but so do our secondary characters. You don’t want all of the characters to sit flat. You also don’t want your secondary characters to all feel the same.


The next workshop that I went to was with Laura DiSilverio on Using Setting to Reveal Character. Another panel on characterization. This took a whole new look at characterization. You can use the place around a person to give you characterization. When your characters are describing their surroundings it can say a lot about a person. You can understand their economic circumstances, their world view, their background, and so much more. It was very impactful.


After that I went to a session on discussing your story in public with others. Hosted by Chris Mandeville, Chat It Up, was full of interesting things to do. There was a lot of information on how to prep yourself. Meditation, log lines, and what kind of details to include in your discussions. It was a very good workshop especially since I’m terrible at talking about my work.


Next up was Writing the Killer Query Letter with M.H. Boroson. This was very informative. I haven’t written many query letters and wanted to get an in-person look at how other write it. I got a lot of ideas and it was interesting to hear his point of view on the whole process.



Next was a super awesome one on forensics. The amazing Megan Rutter held a session called Before Sherlock: Forensics for Historical and Fantasy Novels. This was super interesting because I love history and I was excited to see the development of forensics through the ages. I took this session for a couple different reasons: first I wanted the history lesson from a forensic anthropologist and second I wanted to see if I could work it into a story idea.




After Megan’s session, I went to a very informative session held by Sam Knight. Things to Consider Before You Submit to an Editor was full of a lot of details I really needed to hear. I wanted to see what an editors insight was on the editing process, especially since he is a writer as well. It was very good information and hopefully I can use a lot of it in the next stages of writing Time Healer.




So that was my Friday. Here is how I ended the night:



Thursday PPWC 2017 Prequel

So the prequel sessions on Thursday for PPWC 2017 rocked.


The first part of the day was spent learning about world building and oh my god it was an amazing session. It brought me into my own world and it taught me a lot. We made a world during that class and from there we developed plots and stories and amazing things developed. World building was hosted by Kevin Hearne and Mike Braff.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After our world building, I was completely blown away. My head was full of plans and ideas and I couldn’t wait to get started.


Next, though, we had our PM Session. This one was on being Private Investigators. It was held by Shaun Kaufman and Colleen Collins.


This was a lot of fun, I had taken this workshop with the plan of getting some ideas for my detective story. And boy did I get a lot of information. I also determined that I will probably keep my character as a detective as some major agency versus a private eye. There are too many intricacies that go with being a private eye that just would not fit with my plans for that story.



Also, at the end of that day, I got my first tattoo! So to end this brief post, here’s a picture of that for you:


A Fun Distraction

I really wanted to nail some of my descriptions down for some of the characters in Time Healer. So I wanted to share what I have come up with.






















So there are the big players in my story. Hope you enjoyed my mid-day distraction.

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I had the plan of making sure I had updates every week. Once upon a time I was on a reasonable good streak of getting those entries put in.


Then things fell apart.


I had a running joke in my bullet journal of me getting my entries typed up since the end of PPWC. Mostly because I’d promised to get the entries updated based on that. And those are coming. I’m getting them written up right after this one which means that after this post, and over the next several weeks, you’ll start seeing my recap posts.


But what I wanted to do here is give you a little overview of what I’ve been up to and what my plans going forward are going to be.



Colorado Gold Contest: I was on the fence about entering this contest. I was feeling a little down hearted after the Zebulon. I wasn’t planning on entering the same piece (like I said in my good bye post, Goddess Born has been put to bed for the foreseeable future) but because I’ve made a huge connection to Time Healer. I’m sad to see the same fate. I want to have some validation, even though I know that it’s never going to be validated completely by everyone.


What helped me with this decision was that I had a number of days off coming up right around when the contest deadline was coming up. So I glued my butt to a chair and wrote up my synopsis and cleaned up my first couple chapters so that it was ready.


And with a deep breath and a racing heart I pressed submit.


Work and family: As much I would like to say the last few months have been spent getting words to paper, it wasn’t happening. My mind was not on writing. My heart wasn’t in it at the time, even when I did try to sit down and write, so I devoted myself to getting work in a happy place and spent quality time with my family.


Plotting and Planning: Even though I was not getting any actual writing done I was spending a lot of time planning on what I wanted to do next.



CO Gold Conference: We’re slowly creeping up on conference and I love that things are slowly being released about the conference. There are a lot of great things that are planned for that conference and as a first time attendee of this conference I plan to take advantage of a lot of it. As I did with PPWC I plan to do some pre-conference posts and post-conference posts. Those will be some of the ones I’ll get written sooner than later.


Time Healer: During CO Gold I plan to devote a lot of my time learning skills and developing this story. There are a lot of planned workshops that I think are going to be highly beneficial to me making this book shine. I am also looking at doing a complete “do over” on the beginning of this book. The more I look at it I don’t like the first 20K words or so, I need to get more world building and more conflict and I have a good plan for it but I have to sit down and work it out.


Time Healer part 2: I have other stories in this universe planned and what I want to do is sit down and evaluate how well the work with what happened in book 1. Also, if I do do a major “do over” then I’ll need to evaluate those plans again.


Paranormal detective story: Seems cliché nowadays, but I have a plan for a story brewing in my head that just won’t let me sleep. I need to get it plotted out and maybe start getting some words down.


Adult Percy Jackson-esque book: I’ve quickly determined that I love my fantasy and I love my mythology. I actually have an awesome story (at least in my humble opinion) planned out that feels like a Percy Jackson style story, but with adults.


Juggling multiple stories: As you can see I have a bunch of ideas floating around. I am going to sit down and plan how I want to handle these things all together. Do I want to devote time to just one story at a time or can I juggle multiple things?


As you can see I have a good grasp on where I am going. Well, at least, it kinda looks like that on paper. A nice thing is that I am going to have a baby-free day to devote to writing. It won’t be perfect, but I hope to get a lot more done. I will still be working to get stuff done during non-baby free time but I know that I’ll get a lot more done when I am free.


How has your time been spent recently? What kind of projects are you working on?