Sharing Those Secrets!

When I wrote the entry saying that I was going to two conferences I also said that there was one thing that really pushed me into the “you can do it!” category. I also told you I’d talk more about it once I had a bit more information. Today is that day.


One of the biggest pushes into that yes! column was the announcement of the Key Note speakers and the fact that one of them is one of my favorite authors. So, we’re going to take a look at who is going to be coming to are their expertise with us all at Colorado Gold. If you want the official profiles and more details on them, you can check the RMFW page here.


The first is Sherry Thomas, someone that I was excited to hear about because I loved THE BURNING SKY. She also writes romance and historical mysteries. I went and looked up some of her other books and they look super interesting as well. So it will be awesome having her there.


The next person is Lori Rader-Day. I’ve not personally read any of her books but she is a mystery writer. It looks like she has some awesome books out there that I’m planning to try and pick one or two up and check out before September. I’ve just recently started looking into more mystery novels so I’m not terribly familiar with mystery authors right now.


The one that I am the most excited for is our third Key Note for the conference: Diana Gabaldon. She is the author of a ton of books, my most favorite series that she writes (and probably in general) is the OUTLANDER series. I started reading those books as a teen and have gone to signings for her newer books over the recent years. I can’t wait to see her in a conference environment and getting the chance to talk to her writer to writer.


I am very excited to see what else develops for that conference!


PPWC 2017 Thursday Prequel Preview

Hey everyone!


When I first started going to conferences several years ago, one of the things that helped me decide on Pikes Peak Writers Conference (besides the awesome people I started befriending prior to the conference starting) was the fact that PPWC offers a Prequel option.


It takes place on the Thursday prior to the conference’s normal Friday start day. It is, currently, divided into two parts: a morning session and an afternoon section. Both sessions are three hours long and are an awesome add-on to the conference. You can get more details on the workshops for the prequel here.


AM Session

During the morning session you have four choices:

  • The Emotional Craft of Fiction: How to Tell the Story Beneath the Surface (Part One) — Presented by Donald Maass.
  • Everything You Need To Know To Write A Novel — Presented by Chris Mandeville.
  • Make Your Own Middle Earth: Worldbuilding — Presented by Mike Braff & Kevin Hearne.
  • Squared Away: How To Accurately Write Military Characters — Presented by Kevin Ikenberry (and friends)


Don’t just the names of the workshops and the presenters make you go “ooooh“? Go read the descriptions, because I have seriously gone into my registration and changed my choices several times now. But since I had to settle on one, I think I’ve finally chosen the one that I am going to go with. Which one you ask? Well, I chose…


Make Your Own Middle Earth.

Why? Well, despite enjoying writing fantasy type books, I’ve learned that one of the harder parts of writing fantasy is taking what I see in my head and putting it to paper. Some of the feedback I get on my stories is that I need to add more description of the worlds. This workshop says we get to work on building a world together. It’ll be awesome!


Here’s the description from the website:

In this three-hour long workshop you will learn the fundamentals of worldbuilding from New York Times Bestselling author Kevin Hearne and Del Rey editor Mike Braff. We’ll discuss what kinds of elements are important when building an imagined world, and will put those discussions to use as we create an one such world together as a group. After, participants will write a short piece set in the shared world and we’ll read, critique, and discuss our work as a group. Be prepared for a fun and enlightening workshop!

PM Session

And what do we have going on in the afternoon? Well:

  • The Emotional Craft of Fiction: How to Tell the Story Beneath the Surface (Part Two) — Presented by Donald Maass
  • Be An Agent For A Day — Presented by Kristin Nelson
  • Scrivener Boot Camp — Presented by Patrick Hester
  • Misdemeanors to Murder: Nothing but the Truth from a Criminal Lawyer and Private Eye — Presented by Colleen Collins and Shaun Kaufman


Again all of the amazing names for workshops. Who could truly say no to any of them?


Unfortunately I had to say no to three of them since I can only be in one place at a time. Can someone figure out a way to clone oneself? Anyways, the one I chose for the PM session…

Misdemeanors to Murder!

The why behind this one is simple. I have found myself plotting a potential paranormal mystery and have never been in that genre before. I think I am going to be okay on the paranormal aspect of this story, but not the mystery. So here I will find myself getting the knowledge I need to help me get this new project moving in a positive direction.


Here is the description from the website:

“Misdemeanors to Murder: Nothing but the Truth from a Criminal Lawyer and Private Eye” covers the history of private eyes, popular misconceptions of PIs, types of investigators, tricks of the trade, crime scenes, the relationship between PIs and police, legalities, and breakdowns of real-life investigative/criminal cases. At the end of presentation will be a Q&A.

No audio recording, please. We will provide a link so you can later download the PowerPoint presentation.

At end of course there will be a drawing for copies of our nonfiction books How Do Private Eyes Do That? and A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms.


  1. Introduction
  2. History of the Private Eye
  3. Types of Private Investigators: One Size Doesn’t Fit All
  4. Misconceptions About PIs: Don’t Let Your PI Character Become a Cliché
  5. Tricks of the Trade: Trash Hits, Spy Gear, Apps & More
  6. Breaking the Law: Don’t Make Your PI-Character Look Like a Legal Dummy
  7. PIs and Police: Debunking Myths
  8. PIs and Crime Scenes: Cold Crime Scenes vs. “Hot” Crime Scenes
  9. Examples of Real-Life Investigative Cases: Breakdown of PI’s Tasks (Misdemeanors to Attempted Homicide)
  10. Examples of Real-Life Criminal Litigation Cases: Breakdown of Defense Lawyer’s & PI’s Tasks (Misdemeanors to Murder 1)
  11. Research Sources for Writers: PI Blogs, Websites, Online Magazines
  12. Q&A


Now, did this help you get more interested in PPWC? Are you going to be there with me?


I hope to see you there!


FYI: There are only a couple more days at the discounted price to register. You can still register at the higher price as well, but if this helps convince you, take a few minutes and go register here.

Goodbye To A World and the People Inhabiting It

Once upon a time, when I was a young girl, I had a dream of a world unlike our own. It was inhabited by a collection of people that kept a secret.

I woke from that dream with this undeniable need to write. I was 12 or 13 and up until that point I had never had that much of a craving for it. I enjoyed it in school but, despite one idea that I had and worked on for a bit (but tragically lost when the Zip Drive it was on got corrupted). But even that came first from a homework assignment.

But after that dream I hid out in the little teepee I had in my bedroom and wrote.

And wrote.

Before the end of that day I had two notebooks full of scenes. It started with what I had seen in my dream and went far beyond that.

That day was the day I realized I wanted to be a writer.

Over the years, that initial spark never died. I wrote probably 75,000 words on that original idea. But then I realized the next part of being a writer: editing and rewriting.

That original idea is what brought me to Goddess Born. The original idea is sitting plotted, but unfinished in my house. It has moved with me in its original notebooks. And has been put into the cloud digitally.

I have several ideas for stories in that world but the only one I completed was Goddess Born.

But another lesson I’ve learned, one that is bittersweet and hard, is that even though that world is my baby I have to let it go.

There was a time that I thought that world was all I had in me. Those thoughts haunted me and really kept me from writing for longer than I’d care to admit. I clutched that world close with greedy fingers, I pushed it on others in an almost manic desperation for approval.

But my year off from writing, that year for me started opening up my eyes to the scary realization that it was time to say goodbye.

Those characters are my babies, that world a second home, how could I say goodbye so casually.

This blog has been a focus on that world, those characters, but now it will be a focus on the other worlds brewing in my mind. New characters are itching to be born. And here you will see that journey.

So here is my goodbye. Goodbye to Lynn and all her troubles. Goodbye to Selene and her sacrifices. Goodbye to Felidae and their secrets. Goodbye to Calypsa and her need for revenge. Goosbye to Tespion and the adventureyou took me on.

Goodbye to all the people too numerous to count.

As the tears flow freely, I’ll end this post.

On to some new adventures.