All the Pretty People

This year we have a full plate of keynote speakers and I’m excited to see how it all plays out in April. I’ve never been disappointed in any keynote speaker that PPWC has brought in to speak. They’re all inspirational and I’ve never left a lunch or dinner without renewed excitement that I am a part of this community.


So let’s talk keynotes! In no particular order (I’m mostly just going by the staff page here):

Donald MaassI’ve seen him as both a keynote and during some of his workshops he’s done. Several of his craft books stay on my writing desk constantly because they’ve help me so much during this journey I’m on. He is so immersed with the writing world that it is amazing hearing him speak on different areas of the industry.

Darynda JonesHer profile on PPWC made me excited to get to see her come April. I’m not, currently, in the know on her work but I am totally going to hunt it down because I was so drawn in on her profile. I would love to pick her brain on a couple things that stick out in the profile. Yay!

Kevin HearneHis books I know of. The Iron Druid Chronicles are fantastic and now that I’m writing this I really want to read through them again. Also, finding my copies to possibly get signed would be awesome. I also realized that he’ll be co-teaching one of the prequel classes I’ll be taking that Thursday. It focuses on world building so that excites me.

Tess GerritsenI don’t think I previously connected the dots on who she is before re-reading her profile on the website. But she’s the one behind “Rizzoli and Isles”. I love that show. I’ve been picking my brain to remember if I’ve read any of her book but I’m not sure. I love me some romantic suspense and that seems to be the area in which she writes.

Basically everyone on the list looks amazing and I am so, so, so very excited. I also plan on making sure I talk more on their actual speeches and I can leave all of you lovelies with some of the inspiration I hear.


A Whisper In The Ear

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