I Sat Down With The Goddess and Here’s What We’ve Learned


Last week I talked about the Zebulon and why I love it. Today I am going to talk a little about plans I have for Goddess Born.


Earlier this year one of my bests friends made me promise to pursue publishing my finished novel because she wanted to see me reach that dream of being published. Yes, I know that getting published isn’t as simple as making the decision to get published. There is a lot that goes in to that process.


So, what are my plans?


Zebulon is my crossroads moment for Goddess Born and is going to really help me narrow down my plans for the next year. And for Goddess Born as well.


The results won’t be coming out until March/April and until then I am going to try querying some of the agents that I’ve been researching. When it comes to the results, based on how it comes across through the contest and how things are going with actual querying, it’ll be my deciding moment on whether or not Goddess Born is going to be tucked away for awhile or not.


Goddess Born is my baby. Something that took a long time to write and it was the story I really needed to get out. It was the story that changed me as a writer because my devotion to it pushed me to be the better writer and really get things finished.


Beccause of Goddess Born, I learned there are more stories inside of me. I had been so scared it was the only one until I really sat down and worked through the other thoughts in my mind. Each of those different voices are different stories.


One thing that NaNo did for me was to also show me that I can accomplish something I wasn’t able to accomplish with Goddess Born: write a story in a timely manner.


Though Time Healer is not finished, I do have it about wrapped up. Once done it’ll be a separate crossroads — which of those numerous stories bubbling around in my head needs to be written next?


I think I’ll do a poll here (and a few other places) and have you all help me figure out what I want to write next.


Goddess Born is my baby and it is time for her to leave the nest. Hopefully she’ll succeed in what I want her to do, but I need to make sure I am commiting myself to more than one project at a time.


So, though my friend encouraged me to get my work out there, and I will do that, I’ve learned something bigger with that encouragement: an author does not sit idly by. No one should, really, but there are many more stories inside of me that are begging to be written. And so they will be.


So thanks Jessica! I love you and all the others out there who have supported this crazy dream of mine. Including my husband, who has taken on the crazy task of keeping me around when I’m at my weirdest and get so caught up in some of this writing stuff.


Oops… I did it again…

3d Penguin with "Oops" sign

Is that song stuck in your head now?


So, anyways on to the blog, a few years I entered the Zebulon contest put on by PPW. I received some pretty good feedback on my entry and I took it all to heart and was excited that someone seemed genuinely interested in the story despite it looking like it needed work I knew it needed work when I entered it (doesn’t every story need work even when we decide it’s “finished”?”


Well, this year I decided to enter it again. Trying to get everything out of PPWC this coming year as I can. I thought I would talk a little about the contest. I really did mean to get this posted before the contest ended but I lost track of time with holidays and NaNo and ALL THE THINGS. But I hope this might spark some interest in you, my lovely readers, to try to enter something next year.


The contest usually runs from about mid-September to the beginning of November. They do usually limit the number of entries, so you may want to make sure you get in on it as soon as possible just in case. Visit the site above to check out the rules (especially closer to the dates to see if there are any new requirements). One I’ll mention here because I know that all of you aren’t necessarily novel writers. It is for full length, unpublished works.


A few fun things about it:

  • If you win first place in the category you enter you could find yourself getting to go to PPWC at no cost. If that doesn’t work for you there is a monetary reward for first, second and third.
  • You can opt-in for additional critiques so that you get multiple opinions on the pieces you submitted.
  • The process is very similar to your regular querying process and is divided into rounds (the first being the query round where the agent reads your query and gives you points, if you earn enough you move on to the next round of them reading your synopsis and first 2,500 words, if you beat out the rest you enter the final round where the judges decide on the top three).
  • They have actually set up a very detailed virtual agency with about six virtual agents (who are represented by actual agents, publishers, editors, authors, etc.) who have their own profiles and everything set up so you can flush out your query to be specific to their wants.
  • If you do get to be one of those winners (I know you can do it!) then you get first choice of query appointments, read and critiques, and seating at meals. This is a pretty awesome perk.
  • You get recognized at the banquet during conference.


Woo hoo for fun things! Definitely check out the website for more details about the specifics and hopefully you’ll take a chance on it.


This whole process leaves me all sorts of nervous-excited and I can’t wait to see what the results are when they’re all sent out in March/April.


Have you entered any contests? Do you have a personal favorite recurring contest?