Things are getting exciting

This time of year I get all excited because I’ve registered for Pikes Peak Writers Conference and despite it being near on five months before it comes around I am still so anxiously planning for the event.


So, I’m going to plan on doing a bunch of conference updates and plans — kind of like I did for the 2015 conference — so you guys can have as much fun as I do. Almost like you were going with me.


I’m looking forward to really jumping into the conference world after taking a year off from going.


I’ve been making ALL THE PLANS to get ready. I’ve got my reservation for my room at the hotel, my registration is all squared away, and I’m all set (or pretty well set) with my travel arrangements.


I can’t wait to see all my writing friends that I get to see at conference. I’ve missed all of you this past year. A part of me was really missing in April and I really realized how much you guys have all become such a large part of my life.


I did need this past year to really get a handle on myself and everything that has happened in the last several years.


Is everything perfect? No, definitely not. But I wasnt aiming for that. I was aiming for reasonable and I got good to great. I’ve really been in a good place and have spent time getting my life in order.


So in the coming weeks and months I’ll make sure we dive into my conference experience. I’ll talk about my planning and how I get things organized, I’ll talk about people and I’ll talk about workshops.


During the conference I hope to get some daily recaps with a little more depth into what I did and learned. Hopefully some pictures as well. I’ve been bad at pictures in the past and really want to get better with that.


Let me know if you’re going to PPWC 2017 and we can try to meet up. Maybe some plans for some late night write-ins!

A Whisper In The Ear

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