NaNo Week 5 and Wrap Up

And so November has come and gone and we are now into the last month of the year. So how did everyone do on Nano (whether it be the standard 50K or some personal goals)?


We’ll go ahead and start things off with the stats:

November 28-30 goal: 4,991

November 28-30 actual: 4,366

November goal: 50,000

November actual: 52,102


As you see, I’m a winner! Woo-hoo! This weeks words were made more difficult with the simple fact that there was an incident that happened.

Water and laptops do not mix well and because of that I had to struggle to get words together and reported in time to document the win. I have no problem hand writing, sometimes I actually prefer it but when the struggle to get the project I was working on off my machine (as well as all of the other documents I needed to try and recover with the water damage) became the primary concern during this past week.

I was also dealing with the stress of having to determine what I was going to have to put out to replace my machine so I had something to use. I have been budgetting SO much these last few months because it was really needed. A new laptop really hadn’t entered that budget as of yet.

The nice thing is that I won a prize at work that I turned around and sold. It was a nice prize and I got a couple hundred out of it. Enough to go and buy a decent placeholder laptop while I save up to get something newer and more fitting with my needs.

Honestly though, this new machine (though I have to learn its tweaks) has actually been really nice. It’s a refurbished floor model of a Lenovo 100s 14″ and has an amazing battery. It’s slower than my old machine but that’s okay for now.

So since I got off track from the NaNo discussion, let’s get back to it. I wo Nano but I still have a decent amount left of the story. I am probably looking at another 20-25K left to do but I am still on a good track.

Now, I want to try and set up a good writing schedule and writing goals for going past November. Maybe not something as intense as the 50K a month goal of November but I think I can find a reasonable goal to accomplish every day.


So, what are your post-NaNo goals?


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