NaNo Week 3


Hello my fellow NaNoers and writers!

I still have some words to get in tonight before I meet the weekly goal that I was supposed to hit this week. I wanted to get this out of the way with the words I do have written and give you an idea of where I stand with things and my goals.

It has been another stressful week, a few additional adulting things that I had to get out of the way, and just life steppig in and taking over my writing time.

So, some stats!

November 14-20 Goal: 11,669

November 14-20 Actual: 10,669 (interesting that I’m exactly 1,000 off. I might be able to get those done before I actually turn in for the night.)

Total goal end of week 3: 33,340

Actual word count end of week 3: 39,269


I did better this week, very close to hitting the goal that I had set for this number of days. Hopefully I can round up that last 1,000 words that are missing, if not more and really set me ready for the last week and change that are left. The rate that I’m going, I hope to hit 50K by this week. Everything else will just be padding.

I love that the NaNo Dashboard actually has me at less than a thousand words a day going forward. We have 10 days left and a little over 10K left to right. With it being a holiday weekend and me hosting Thanksgiving, it’ll be tough. I already have plans for that though, like the fact that most of the prep and cooking will be done Wednesday night. I have a long weekend this week and that will mean I need to pull out my writing shoes and not procrastinate.


How are your goals treating you? Those that are NaNoing, are you on goal to hit your 50K? Have you exceeded it? Are you taking it easy?


Get those words down and we can play the compare where we’re at game later!


Good night!

A Whisper In The Ear

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