NaNo Week 2


Pretty much how I’ve felt all week. Picture courtesy Google Search-Foo.

So this past week was full of busy-ness which kept me from getting a lot of words in except for a couple days here and there.

After my last update on week one I did get some extra words in and I rounded week one out at a whopping 17,201 words. Which I am grateful for considering the fact that I had a kind of slacking week this week.

I had to do all the adulting this past week so that made things a little more difficult. This election kind of threw me into a funk, but I am at a point where I really don’t want to talk about it anymore. I am sick of seeing posts about it and I am ready to us get back to a semi-norm as we’re in this transition.

But let us get to the fun stuff:

November 7-13 Goal — 11,669 words.

November 7-13 Actual — 8,949 words.

Total Goal End of Week 2 — 21,671 words.

Actual Words End of Week 2 — 26,150.


Like I said, only a little over half of the words that I wrote the first week. Which is really sad considering last week it was only 6 days when this recent week was a full 7. I will say that I am going to be working on some more words tonight so I’ll bump that up a little more, hopefully hitting the 10K mark for the week.

I do like that I still have a little bit of a leeway right now. Not much of one, but a bit of one that gives some of these crappy days a little padding to fall back on.

Alright then, the game plan is to meet and exceed every day this coming week. But for now I am going to go play with dragons.

Happy writing to you all! See you next week!



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