NaNo Week 4


Alright, NaNoers, we’re reaching the end stretch here. We have three days. I hope all of you are getting close to your goals, whether they be the 50K that NaNo looks for or any other personal goals you’ve set for November.

My biggest goal for this November was to get my butt writing.

I accomplished that goal.

Not only did I accomplish it but I feel back in a good groove to keep it going. To not just use November as a reason to write but to start myself on a pattern and to stick to it. I can do this, I can write and keep it going without issues.

But I know some of you want to know where things stand right now:

November 21-27 Goal: 11,669

November 21-27 Actual: 8,005 (but this is without my actuall words tonight. I hope to get a couple thousand in tonight but we’ll see what happens.)

Total goal end of week 4: 45,009

Actual word count end of week 4: 47,274


Obviously still a little ahead of schedule. I would love to actually hit 50K tonight, but I’m not in a hurry. I want to “win” NaNo and hit the 50K by the 30th and since I have less than 3,000 left I think that is totally able to be accomplished.

The book won’t be finished. I still have a good 20K to 25K left to write to round out the end, but it is getting there. I’m getting into the fun stuff. Where plans are falling into place and completely falling apart for my MCs. I can’t wait to torture them and push them as far as they’ll let me.

One of my biggest concerns is that this story is supposed to be YA and there are definitely a couple scenes that are really pushing that line. Really trying to keep things within those classic lines and a little editing can really help. I need a refresher on the YA genre again before I jump into editing on this little treasure. I need to dive into some of my notes on previous workshops and just start reading some YA again to get back in that headspace.

Can I take some of those borderline scenes out and keep the integrity of the story?


Will it take some of the things I find necessary out?


But I will make this story work.


Anyways, this got pretty much on the rambling path so I am going to wrap this up. I hope your writing is going well!

Next week will be the final recap and I hope I can give you some goals that I have going forward.

I love you all and, in the spirit of the season, am thankful for all of you!


NaNo Week 3


Hello my fellow NaNoers and writers!

I still have some words to get in tonight before I meet the weekly goal that I was supposed to hit this week. I wanted to get this out of the way with the words I do have written and give you an idea of where I stand with things and my goals.

It has been another stressful week, a few additional adulting things that I had to get out of the way, and just life steppig in and taking over my writing time.

So, some stats!

November 14-20 Goal: 11,669

November 14-20 Actual: 10,669 (interesting that I’m exactly 1,000 off. I might be able to get those done before I actually turn in for the night.)

Total goal end of week 3: 33,340

Actual word count end of week 3: 39,269


I did better this week, very close to hitting the goal that I had set for this number of days. Hopefully I can round up that last 1,000 words that are missing, if not more and really set me ready for the last week and change that are left. The rate that I’m going, I hope to hit 50K by this week. Everything else will just be padding.

I love that the NaNo Dashboard actually has me at less than a thousand words a day going forward. We have 10 days left and a little over 10K left to right. With it being a holiday weekend and me hosting Thanksgiving, it’ll be tough. I already have plans for that though, like the fact that most of the prep and cooking will be done Wednesday night. I have a long weekend this week and that will mean I need to pull out my writing shoes and not procrastinate.


How are your goals treating you? Those that are NaNoing, are you on goal to hit your 50K? Have you exceeded it? Are you taking it easy?


Get those words down and we can play the compare where we’re at game later!


Good night!

NaNo Week 2


Pretty much how I’ve felt all week. Picture courtesy Google Search-Foo.

So this past week was full of busy-ness which kept me from getting a lot of words in except for a couple days here and there.

After my last update on week one I did get some extra words in and I rounded week one out at a whopping 17,201 words. Which I am grateful for considering the fact that I had a kind of slacking week this week.

I had to do all the adulting this past week so that made things a little more difficult. This election kind of threw me into a funk, but I am at a point where I really don’t want to talk about it anymore. I am sick of seeing posts about it and I am ready to us get back to a semi-norm as we’re in this transition.

But let us get to the fun stuff:

November 7-13 Goal — 11,669 words.

November 7-13 Actual — 8,949 words.

Total Goal End of Week 2 — 21,671 words.

Actual Words End of Week 2 — 26,150.


Like I said, only a little over half of the words that I wrote the first week. Which is really sad considering last week it was only 6 days when this recent week was a full 7. I will say that I am going to be working on some more words tonight so I’ll bump that up a little more, hopefully hitting the 10K mark for the week.

I do like that I still have a little bit of a leeway right now. Not much of one, but a bit of one that gives some of these crappy days a little padding to fall back on.

Alright then, the game plan is to meet and exceed every day this coming week. But for now I am going to go play with dragons.

Happy writing to you all! See you next week!


NaNo Week 1

So, with the first week of NaNo under wraps I’ve found a pattern that seems to be working out for me very well. Hopefully I can keep the momentum up to get these words kicked in the butt.

Here’s where I stand:

November 1-6 Goal — 10,002 words

November 1-6 Actual — 13,326** words.


As you can see: I’ve exceeded the goal. I’m pretty proud of that because I did have a “no words” day which was yesterday with all the running around and everything. I was so dead tired after working and a baby shower that even though I opened up my laptop and had the document in front of me, I found myself staring at it for almost an hour blinking in and out of awareness because I was just too tired to concentrate on putting words together.

The process that has been working on me so far for me is this:

  • I’ve been waking up anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes earlier than normal to get some words in before work.
  • Spending most of my hour lunch getting words in.

Right now the words are flowing well and I am really excited that I started in on this story as the project for NaNo because I am enjoying it so much. I have their voices down and this has, so far, been a pretty fluid story. I’ve had a couple road blocks that I’ll probably come back and fix but I’ve mostly just been letting it write itself.

I’ve already had to re-do my outline to account for changes that have come up with just writing. Which is what I like to see. I like to see that outline ever-evolving because I love to see the story write itself.

That’s why I don’t like writing really in-depth outlines.

Anyways, how are you guys that are doing NaNo handling it? Have you found a pattern or process that works best for you? Are you a little under goal, at goal, or past goal?

Keep truckin’ and I’ll talk to you next time!

** This is my word count as of this morning, I plan to have more words done by this evening.


For those of you not in the know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is for those of us that want to set goals and write and try to accomplish what can sometimes be difficult. The goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. This comes out to being about 1,667 words a day. For those of us that don’t have a lot of free time it can be a chore to get that many words in. Even those of us that have the spare time can sometimes struggle.

My goal this November is to definitely hit (and hopefully exceed) those word count goals. I’m only going to be focusing my word counts on a specific project, though I hope to also get some words in here and start getting on a pattern of getting these posts in for you guys to enjoy. I need to get back into a more consistent groove of getting writing done. I need to get words on paper.

So with all these projects I have floating in my head, I’ve focused on just one. It is a young adult novel about dragons and time. Two main characters that and the chapters switch off, similar to how Marie Lu has her Legend series going between two main characters. I don’t think I’ll do it to her level of completely switching point of view styles. A little too out of my realm of comfort for this project.

I’m excited. I’ve been thinking about this project for awhile and this will get me in the direction of having it completed sometime this year.

I’m trying to get a routine in where I wake up an hour early and write. It worked, somewhat, today. So hopefully I get enough sleep and don’t just repeatedly hit the snooze button.

For the blog I hope to get you guys some weekly updates on my progress and where things stand on goals and how I’m hitting them. Hopefully they’re all positive. Hopefully I can hit the 50,000 word goal faster than a month and be back in my groove of writing.


Happy writing to all of you doing NaNoWriMo for November. If you want to find me on the website, my name is under CaraMiaAmore. We can be buddies and keep track of each other!