**Peeks around the corner**


Hello, hello. I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.


Where have I been for so long, you ask? Well, I seemed to have gotten lost in the wonderful world of Internets. I discovered something about myself: I am really bad at getting things blogged about when I really don’t have anything to actually blog about.


I know, I could have continued with the “How I…” posts, but I just couldn’t get it out. I’ve been less than motivated to do anything writing related and felt guilty about it. The last thing I mentioned, oh, four months ago, was that I was working on my query letter for Goddess Born and was planning to get it out there. I did get what I think is a decent attempt and I have been looking through agents and trying to find someone to query, but I really have been too nervous to take that step.


So during my lovely four-month break I’ve been doing a few things:

  1. Family time — I have a toddler, everyone, and she is becoming more and more of that classic toddler. Running around and exhausting her mommy. I love being a mommy but despite her being more and more independent its one of those special independence that require constant supervision. We’ve also had a visit from my mom for a few days and have been planning other excursions and trips up to see my parents at the end of this month/beginning of September.
  2. Toddlerness — This gets a separate mention as well. There have been a lot of transitions happening for the baby girl these last couple months that have made life difficult for mommy. She’s been moved to her own room (she spent over 18 months in our room) and on top of that she’s going to a toddler bed now. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know how that can be for me.
  3. BuJo — This may look like a funny word, and it does make me giggle whenever I see that printed that way. It stands for Bullet Journal(ing) and is a way of combining a diary, planner and task manager into one form. Its freeform so it awesome. I’m going to do a post on it in a little bit about how I’ve been using it and how I’m going to incorporate all my writing stuff into it.
  4. Writing — Nothing terribly new, I lot more planning on which direction I want to go with some of these stories that are floating around in my head. Trying to learn who has the loudest voice right now and if it is defined enough to start writing. Getting some research done to help flesh out some of those stories.
  5. Life — I got promoted at work around the same time my last post posted and its been exhaustingly wonderful. I love the new place I am at and the team I work with. I miss some of my old team but I get to see and talk to them still. This currently position gives me room to grow into a position where I can also utilize my writing ability and am already moving toward that goal.


So that’s a round-about way of saying I have been trying to be productive in these months away. And I do have some posts planned and half-written coming up soon. I think I’ll keep going on the “How I…” posts I’ve done and expand on some more background.


Though, right now, I’m sitting here waiting to see if my name gets called for jury duty. Yay for democracy! I’ve actually never sat on a jury, always got dismissed before it could happen. We’ll see what happens this time.


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