What’s Up Doc?

So, I was going to continue with the whole trend of “this how I did this” posts, but I got distracted again. I started working on some other things and decided to change things up a bit and do a small “what’cha doin’?” post for this week.


This past Thursday marked the beginning of Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference, and I am feeling a bit melancholy about not being there. Those are the family of my soul, the family of this passion that is so deep inside, my tribe, and despite coming to the conclusion that I needed to have a year for me, I am missing all of those people and the knowledge I would have learned this weekend.


I actually had a dream last night that I was sneaking into the conference – kinda like a junky sneaks around – trying to get my PPWC fix. Wandering around listening at doorwayas to hear the information and basically just stalking the Marriott and all of my friends. It was weird and I woke up a little heart-achy. But I posted an “I miss you” post on Facebook and I bucked it up so that I could stick with my plans from earlier this year.



This year is for me. For my family. For my writing.


Next year I plan to jump back into conference with more words and experiences to share with that tribe of mine. A plan of action I intend to stick through to.


So because of being heartsore, I decided to go more into what I am currently working on: Nailing an excellent query for Goddess Born. I’ve been working on getting it perfect, reading up on examples and trying to find something that really helps show off what I think is a great story.


On top of that I’ve been doing all of the adulting. I actually set up a separate bank account so I can start saving all the monies needed for conference as well as some of the other things I’ve had trouble saving for. I have a habit of spending the money I see in front of me, so I’m hoping this out of sight, out of mind process will actually help me be a better adult and get things saved up for the important things in my  life.


Hopefully organizing myself this way will help me really start the few growing up processes I haven’t actually nailed down yet.


Here’s to adulting and having a budget. Now I am going to get back to writing this query and getting some progress done on this snowy weekend.


Now you all get writing too!


A Whisper In The Ear

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