Oh My Gods!

Now, with the overview of religion out of the way, we’re going to talk about the gods of Tespion.


Let me say this before we get too involved, because I really didn’t mention it in the other post, but I’ve come to the realization that I am either all or nothing when it comes to gods in my writing. Like I said, I’m atheist, but I did learn about a majority of different religions growing up. When it comes to my writing, I either have no mention of gods or religion, or the other end of the scale and it is a world that believes in pantheism. I don’t have a single story planned that has a monotheistic aspect to it.


Obviously, like I mentioned in the previous post, Goddess Born is the pantheistic end of the scale. I also talked about how the pantheon is actually based very much like some of the ancient religions in the way that they have gods set at different levels in their hierarchy and different types of gods. So with this post I think I’m going to tell you about that hierarchy and the different types of gods we have in Tespion.


First, though, I wanted to say that there is a different world that the gods live in. It is called Calypto. It doesn’t have a physical representation on Tespion like the Greeks had with Mount Olypus, it is a separate world that the dead go to after leaving Tespion, think Asgard with the Norse gods. To be brought there the gods themselves have to take them or they have to be dead.


But let’s start talking about the gods. I briefly mentioned the head of the hierarchy in the worldbuilding post, but I wanted to go more into who they are and what their status is in the world. Without going into too much of the creation myth of Tespion, I want to say that Neasa (the Mother of All) and Asher (the Father of All) or basically the crotchety old grandparents of the family tree. They created the worlds and the other gods. They are the standoffish grandparents that never, or rarely interact with the people of Tespion. They concern themselves with the world of Calypto and their own children behaving. They only involve themselves in Tespion when the people break the rules and they come in like a terrible storm and no one likes the result of that.


The next level of gods are a bit divided into three categories:

  • First, the Fates. Those in charge of the destines of the people of Tespion. Some of the Fates interact with the people directly and some not so much. Calita, who is in charge of the present, interacts the most. She raised Micah, who is the father of the main character of Goddess Born. Micah himself is considered a Fate because he was created and raised by them.
  • Then we have some other “parent” type gods that represent the different races. For example the Felidae have both a mother and father god, Keeva and Alaster respectively. They’re usually the creators of the people and are responsible for them.
  • The third group at this level are the gods that represent the different aspects of life. For example: we have Leander who is a god of dark magic and malice, Dierdre who is the goddess of hearth and home, Mallick who is the god of death and Marah the goddess of birth and fertility. These gods, and their brothers and sisters, don’t have races they’re responsible for but do have different duties tied to what they reign over.


After this level we have our demi gods. The children of a god or goddess once mated with a mortal. Demi gods really aren’t as present in the stories because after the Great War, the gods rarely interact with mortals to produce children. Micah, on Tespion and to those aware, is considered a demi god because he is the son of Calypsa. His is sort of a special case because he was not birthed but created. He was made to be the key to Calypsa’s prison. He actually almost fits better with the final category, but he is technically a blood descendent of Calypsa.


Last we have a category of gods that are looked own on by the main gods: gods created by other gods. These are not demi gods that are born from other gods, but godhead given to mortals and made into immortals. This, again, is not something that occurs often and it only is supposed to happen when all the gods agree that it is the right thing to do. The best example of this is Selene, who was made to be a goddess after her and Micah died so that she’d be able to remain with him.


There are cases, though, where a god will be naughty and not get approval from his brethren. Calypsa being the best example of this. Because of her creation, and her insanity with it, she was actually imprisoned and Micah created to protect Tespion from the powers she was givene.


So those are the biggest gods that play a part in my Tespion stories.


For all my fantasy writers out there, how built up is your religious system? Do you stick with Earth-based god systems? Have you created your own gods?


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