Life – It’s Not Just a Board Game

Life these last several months has almost seemed like one of those crazy games that keeps throwing rocks into the gears so things go wrong left and right.

This last 7 months or so has made me have to re-evaluate what it means to be family. And I learned something big – it doesn’t mean blood in a lot of cases. Sometimes that blood is toxic and causes more problems than good.

My last big family post talked about changes that happened that changed our family dynamic. Well changes occurred again that once again changed the dynamic of things. Our three oldest children, who thrived with us educationally and stability-wise, ended up not thriving emotionally and socially. For their well-being we made a very hard, and very sad, decision that they needed to be with their mother.

That is the simple way of putting it, if you’re part of my inner circle you know the drama, the challenges and the heartbreak that came with it. Though this blog is for me, I don’t want to readdress that emotional stuff. I’m not in a good place to do that yet.

With the changes to my step-daughters leaving, came changes in our family. We didn’t just go from a household of six to a household of three. We stayed at six. We welcomed into our house some roommates, friends that were first friends of my husband and now are more life family.

It’s been an interesting change, but it’s nice having a household full of fun and family.

There have been a lot more lows in my family, other than the change of the dynamics in our household. There has been a lot of loss of family members in the last several months as well. There has also been a few new additions. I miss those that are gone, a slight ache in my heart when they cross my mind. But I enjoy getting updates of all the new members of the family.

I am also enjoy so, so much my little girl grow up. It is amazing seeing a tiny human grow and develop into a beautiful person, someone with some much personality. I love seeing her learn and do things on her own. I love her little laugh that lights up my world. I love seeing her interact with her daddy and the love of our little family.

Despite all the drama, the sadness and heartache, the happy things make up for it. They make life worth living and experiencing.

Hopefully, this year will be full of a little less drama and a lot more happiness. We all deserve it.


The Light Of My Life

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