Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2015 Day Four

The last day of conference started off wonderfully early, but with breakfast with friends. Great conversations and comparing plans for the sessions of the day.


The first session of the day was, again, from a friend Bree Ervin called Beating the Block: Mental Fiber for Creative Constipation. Here are some great tidbits and quotes:

  • You can fix a bad page but you can’t fix a blank one.
  • Sometimes you just need to have the confidence to jump around rather than write linearly.
  • “You’d be surprised what you learn from your characters when you describe their bedroom.” – Bree Ervin
  • Get to know your characters, sometimes that’ll help free up blocks you’ve formed in your mind.
  • Try changing POV.
  • If all else fails, move to a different project for a bit and see if returning later helps you come back to the flow.
  • Just write. No matter what, get words on the paper. Even if they’re crap.


The next session I have notes on was for one by another author friend MK Meredith and her agent Liz Pelletier called How the Process Works: Your Gateway to Hell.


It was a great session on the process from writing up to getting published. They touched on things from critique groups to knowing your genre. From query letters and understanding markets. The biggest thing they pointed out was

Perseverance is key. Don’t stop.

 Sunday is the short day, only a few sessions and then lunch. I only went to those two sessions and then actually felt the need to write so I sat and was writing. There were a few people around and we actually ended up talking about our families. It was a good end to the conference.


I went to lunch and sat with friends. Then afterwards talked with more friends.


A Whisper In The Ear

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