Quora Question #12

So this time we have the question about getting ideas from your head and down on paper.

How can I pen down my ideas on paper?

Sometimes just starting a routine is the best way to get started especially if you’re not used to getting your ideas down.

Try and think of the places where your ideas spark the most and start keeping notebooks in those places. That way you’ll get used to those items being there so you’ll remember using them. Make sure they’re used for ideas and nothing else that way you have a routine.

Then I suggest just practicing note taking. Find a way to quickly get the ideas from your head to the paper.

This doesn’t mean to sit there and just free write. (Unless that works — which I’m getting the feeling that isn’t).

Maybe you just write key words, maybe you draw pictures. Anything to help you remember what brought those ideas on.

Once you get into a pattern of doing something when those ideas spark then it’ll be easier to get more down when that spark comes.

Writing is not easy. It takes practice and work. Just find a process that works for you. Nothing is perfect the first time. So don’t let that scare you.


So, how do you get your ideas down on paper? Do you free write to get your mind cleared, or do you sit down and only write what you have planned? Do you just note down ideas or try to write them through until you come to a stop?

Hope you enjoyed this question! I’ll talk at you later!

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