Quora Question #8

So, let’s get back into the writing category after the non-writing ones.

Here’s our question:

Does the main character of a fiction story have to be likable?

I don’t think it’s important to necessary like the character themselves. There are quite a few books out there that have deplorable characters.

But I think it is important to like to hate them.

One big thing is that you have to be committed to a character or their story to be interested. If you’re writing a story that has a character that people hate, you have to give them something to want out of him. Anything from hoping he/she will learn and grow into someone better to making the reader connect to them in some way.

We all have a bit of evil in us, the only thing that keeps us “good” are the choices we make. Maybe it’s the writer in me, but I’ve always wondered what would happen if I hadn’t chosen to make the decisions I did, or what would happen if I didn’t let my beliefs come in and help me make the “right” decision.

I think having bad characters, or characters of a deplorable nature, give us a chance to live those lives we can’t necessarily live in real life. It’s a release and a chance to possibly answer questions about our dark side.


What do you lovelies think? Do you have to like a main character is a novel?


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