Quora Question #4

And we’re back again lovelies (look I’m on a streak!) with another Quora question. This one is focused more on my own actual writing.

How do you create characters for your novel?

Like some other answerers have said, it really depends on how I get the idea for the story I’m working on.

A lot of my ideas are because of dreams I’ve had. That’s one of the reasons I keep a notebook next to my bed so that I can write down the interesting things I have in my dreams. But my dreams can either focus on an interesting person or an interesting event. I only rarely dream about myself, or those aren’t very memorable if I do.

Honestly my most developed ideas (ones that actually tend to get written) come from plot ideas rather then characters. With that I usually have something interesting come to mind. For example I had an idea for a story come from a dream of someone/something flying. I saw a world with castles and I knew that whoever or whatever was flying never had done it before. I woke up from that dream wanting to know more about a world where that experience could happen. It ended up with a group of people cursed with protecting different timelines, the downfall of this curse is they had to use magic to protect their time lines and to use their magic they had to shift into the form of a dragon (here is where the shock of flying comes in for the character from my dream). The more they change into dragons the more humanity they leave behind both physically and mentally.

I also have dreams or ideas that spark from memorable people or characters. One story I have came from the idea of this thief that was stealing a magical item from a vault. When she gets caught she turns into a tiger and runs from the house.

Obviously, my writing focuses pretty heavy on the fantasy and magic aspects of the writing world so the ideas come from mostly my dreams. The secondary characters just kind of show up while I write the stories.. They get as developed as need be and basically personalities develop the more I write.


So how do you create your own characters?

See you next time!


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