Quora Question #2

Not necessarily in the terms of writing itself but definitely one that was interesting to think about.


What fictional town would you most like to visit?

I think my answer could ramble on and on on the different places and why but I’ll name a few:

  • Narnia (Talking animals and magic!)
  • Any of the places from the Harry Potter world (Magic!)
  • The alternate St. Louis from the Anita Blake world (Mythological creatures and some magic thrown in!)

What would really be cool would be having a device that allowed you to get into those worlds and experience the stories in person. Then we could visit all of those worlds!


There were some really fun answers on this one. I know I had to limit myself to those three so I wouldn’t just keep rambling on.

If you want another fun one to go through (I haven’t put an answer on this one but I’ve spent hours reading through some of these):

What are some amazing knots/coincidences/events that are untied in the Harry Potter series?


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