PPWC 2015: Choose Your Writing Adventure

It has come to that time of year for the awesomeness that is conference time. This year will be my 4th year I believe, maybe my 5th and I’m looking forward to it just as much as my first one.

As I said in my “what the heck has Cara been up to” post, my life has a bunch of newness in it that has really made my mindset a little different this year. Life is a bunch of juggling with a family of six and that’s without the craziness of being out of town. Both my hubs and I have conferences this year. So this will be an interesting set up to see how things go.

I’m also excited to catch up with some old friends and being slightly extroverted enough to make some new ones. Last year I did a little experiment which I made up after a weird dream. I called it the Red Folder Experiment. Basically I put a red folder with “steal me” on it to see if anyone would talk to me or try. I gave out Starbucks gift cards to those that did and I made a few new friends.

Should I do it again? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just work up the nerve and talk some more to people. I love this community, I want to be more a part of it.

What do I want to focus on this year? Craft probably. Though my Thursday prequel ones are not on craft but I’ll go over those more when I do a post specifically about them.

Why craft this year? Well, I need to get out of this recent funk of mine. I keep falling back into this “I can’t think of how to write this, lets go and tweak my finished WIP” cycle which is causing me to not get much of anything else produced. I think maybe if I focus more on craft rather than the “what to do when you’re done (if you ever are)” portions then I can get out of this rut. I have so many ideas written down that I need to get my butt in gear and work on them.

Also, I plan on taking my laptop with me this year. If there are periods where I don’t have a workshop, or find myself with some spare time, then I want to try and get writing in during those portions. I also want to do a better “what I did at conference” post this year. I usually bring a pen and paper (which is my usual when I write first drafts) but I tend to forget to do anything with it.

Will I this year? I do hope not, I want to be successful this year. I want to get work done. I guess you’ll see how successful I am at the end of conference. If you see a good post on workshops and what I did, then I probably was a bit successful.

So the round up of what I plan for conference this year: catch up with people I’ve met before, make new friends and really focus on my craft.

For those of you who follow me that are heading to PPWC this year, find me and say hi. I hope you enjoy the conference as much as I know I will!


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