Shiny New Toys and A Blog Schedule

Hey guys, for those of you who know me you know that it isn’t very often I get myself new toys. I may drool over them and say “one day,” but most of my money goes to things for my family. Or food. A family of six eats a lot of food.

But something happened a few months ago. With three school aged kids in the house, we have a lot of fighting over laptops or computers. At one point I thought we had more than enough machines in our house. When we got custody of the girls back, I was proved wrong. Our oldest is “home schooled” (I put this in quotes because it’s actually a virtual school in our school system here) so she is on the laptop a majority of the time working on her work. Then they all like to play games and watch videos so there is a lot of turn taking and I was finding myself left out of the rotation.

When I finally got my hands on my normal machine and realized all the crazy adds were the result of crazy malware from the flash sites that the girls use (mostly the two younger girls – not counting Piper) I decided it was time for Cara to get a new machine that would be just hers. No crazy flash sites allowed.

So started my journey of figuring out what I wanted to get. Let me start off by saying it has been seven years since I last purchased a laptop, and even that one was by suggestion of Todd. The last one I picked out myself was a present for my high school graduation from my parents. That was ten years ago.

Let’s just say a lot has changed since then.

When it comes to deciding on new tech in my life, I tend to get a bit obsessive. It tends to go this way: do a standard Google search of “best laptops of (insert year)”, then I look at reviews and specs of the machines. What was awesome about the time of year I started looking was that CES 2015 was happening.

In case you don’t know what that is, it is the Consumer Electronics Show. Basically it’s where all the new and improved tech gets shown before its release so everyone can get excited and start counting down with anticipation to release dates. There were a lot of nice laptops previewed this year.

There were a couple things I’d wanted in a new laptop:

  • Portability – my old machine was a beast. It was a 17-inch laptop and weighed a bunch. I wanted something a little smaller and lighter.
  • Prettiness – Okay, I’m pretty shallow. I didn’t want some clunky brick, I wanted something stylish. I’ve always liked the looks of Macs, but hated the OS. So I was hoping to find something sleek like that.
  • Windows OS – I know a lot of people complain about it but I am most familiar with Windows, even if it can be a pain. This also sparked a side research line of Windows 8 upgradeability to Windows 10. And woohoo it’ll be free. Microsoft has started to learn how to behave in a world of free upgrades and software.
  • Touch VS Non-Touch – Now-a-days, almost everything is touch. I’m not a big fan of it. I’m alright with it with when it comes to my phone. But I like having a keyboard and mouse and don’t want to deal with a touch screen for my laptop. It’s one of the reason I got annoyed with using my tablet (which – funny story – is now the night light and music box for Piper…)
  • Enough Space – There was a lot of debating of what I was going to do for space. I didn’t really understand the difference between a solid state drive (SSD) and regular hard drive, so it took a bunch of research on my parent – mostly of me annoying the hubs about this and that. I don’t save much except documents and some programs, most of my big stuff (movies/TV shows, pictures and videos) all go on one cloud or another.

  • Battery Life – I wanted something that was easy to travel with which means that has a decent battery.

Those are the basics. At least that I can think of right now.

So, there was a big buzz about a new Dell receiver for their XPS line. Todd’s old machine was a Dell XPS and I liked the use of it. But his was really bulky.

But oh my god the reviews were amazing. Also it was a gorgeous machine. At least online. I found out that there was one of the new versions at the Microsoft Store and decided to go and check it out. I fell in love. What was even awesome the non-touch version of the machine was averaging a 15 hour battery life.

So, I’d decided on getting that machine and so I saved my money and got it.

See my pretty:

Soooo pretty!

Soooo pretty!

So shiny

So shiny

So, now I have a very portable laptop to take with me. I bring it everywhere with me so I can pull it out whenever I need it.

As the post also states, I want to try and do a new schedule which I can hopefully stick to. It’s going to look something like this:

  • Saturday/Sunday – Updates about family or life in general. I’ve learned that sometimes I can’t stop talking about them. This one may not – and probably won’t – be every week.
  • Tuesday – I’m thinking of doing a “fun question from Quora” post. If you don’t know what Quora is, it’s a website full of questions where there are a bunch of people asking and answering questions on a variety of topics. It’s fun. I’ll be trying to keep it writing focused but there might be others that interested me in there as well.
  • Thursday – Writing focused. I’ll try to keep my posts focused on writing here, whether it is my current WIP, ideas I have going, or even the coming up conference.

So that’s what I’m thinking on a schedule. That keeps me to two to three posts minimum a week. I think I can stick to that, especially since the Quora one will be a really easy one to take care of.

Yay for plans!

Well, all my lovelies I think that’s all I have for the day. I’ll talk to you another day!

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