*Cricket noises*

So I apparently only touch this a few times a year. this last year was … crazy to put it simply. I try not to focus on too much personal but that ended up being what 2014 ended up being about. There was some writing though.

  • February 2014: I got two stripes on a pregnancy test. Was I wanting a bun in the oven? Yes. Had we expected it this soon? No. We were lucky and had only been trying for a couple months.
  • April 2014: Oh my god busy month. A lot of travelling. First we found out that we were getting full custody of my step-daughters which meant a weeks worth away for a drive to Washington State and back. In the midst of first trimester throwing up this was not a fun drive, Well worth it though. Other travelling was with Pikes Peak Writers Conference and driving back and forth to Colorado Springs. I even got to dress up like this:
    • steampunk

      Steam Punk Costume PPWC 2014

  • May through October 2014: Lots of adjusting and changing occurred. We were all adjusting to life as a larger family again and taking care of things that came up throughout the months. It is still a work in progress but we’re getting everybody into good places now. See some happy kids:
    • Nightfury Costume hug

      Nightfury Costume hug

      Girls and their toys

      Girls and their toys

      Aria hair

      Aria hair



  • September/October 2014: I had a lot of complications late in my pregnancy. But we welcomed a beautiful baby to our crazy full house right before Halloween,
    • About to pop

      About to pop — This dress totally ripped by the end of the day.

      Daddy and Piper

      Daddy and Piper

      Piper and me

      Piper and me

  • October 2014 though currently: There is still a lot of growing and learning (especially with a new baby) but we’er all doing wonderfully. I won’t lie, there is still a lot of growing and with growing there comes some bumps and bruises. In the end they’re made worth it with all the shiny and new successes.

For the writing side of things, there wasn’t much accomplished last year, besides the conference where I enjoyed hanging out with my writerly friends. I’ve been doing a lot these last couple months, at least in my spare time if I get any.

In April I’ll be going to Colorado Springs for my … fourth? year at Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Maybe fifth? I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy going each year, learning and growing as a writer. Since things were some crazy last April, I hope to have a query letter done so I can talk more about Goddess Born now that things are as wrapped up on that as I can get right now. Granted, a writer’s work is never done, but you need to call it “done for now” sooner or later.

I’m also working on another piece, this one I’m actually trying to keep in the Young Adult fantasy realm. Whereas Goddess Born started there but ended up being more appropriate as an adult. The hard part of this new piece is I think it really needs to be told in the first person and I’m finding I’m struggling at that.

Hopefully things will stay sort of settled so that I can keep updating this, but I’ll be honest, I can’t promise anything.

Keep writing!


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