Finding Inspiration

I’ve never been one of those writers that finds inspiration in everything.

Usually I get an idea and I work it through in my mind for awhile and occasionally I get other ideas while doing it that I make notes about.

Those random points of inspiration usually come from my dreams. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, one that is usually very aware of what is going on but can’t necessarily change things that happen (sometimes I can but not very often).

Goddess Born’s general concept came through a dream.

My new project that I’m calling Time Healer came from of a dream of feeling like a dragon and flying up to a window where a woman begged me for help.

Some other ideas I’ve had that I haven’t taken much time to start yet have been things like:

  • A man and a woman arguing on a cliff, the sea raging behind them. The words get lost in the noise of the sea, but suddenly they start shoving each other until the man is pushed over by the woman. There is a story there.
  • A man slowly skinning a woman that looks every bit like a lizard human. She isn’t even fighting it, seems more like she’s getting pleasure in it. But then he slits her throat and the dream jumps to a police man with magic that is investigating the murder.

There have been others, but those are ideas that I may go after at some point.

I also seem to resolve dead plot point in my dreams.

For over a year Goddess Born was stuck and I couldn’t figure out why. But I ended up having a random dream about the characters one night. I got this fire in my blood from it and finally sat down to write out an outline that started GB at a brand new point and the ending point was completely different then what I ever thought.

Same thing happened with Time Healer recently. I liked the plot I had outlined out originally and I had the first three chapters written, but things were kind of slow going and I couldn’t get in a good groove with the tone and the flow of the story.

I had a dream about my characters and actually writing the story. Occasionally instead of seeing the scenes, I see myself writing the scene. I saw it being written in first person with my two planned protagonists alternating perspectives.

So I rewrote my outline with that in mind and it seemed to flow in that way a lot better. I haven’t started rewriting yet, since I started editing GB, but now I have a plan that I am feeling happier about.


Where do you find inspiration?


2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. I haven’t pinned down a source of inspiration yet. Sometimes it just happens when I’m writing, sometimes in dreams as you say. Other times I fantasise or ‘daydream when drifting off to sleep and have an idea that I need to write down for tomorrow.
    Recently I met a character who really enjoys being insulted – banter at work, but he really loves it. That may just inspire a new character in my current book.

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