Zebulon Results Are In

I got the results and critique for the Zebulon contest this year and I didn’t get in any of the winning spots. But I didn’t think I really would.

But I have no disappointment in entering. It was a chance I wanted to take and things have changed since I actually entered the contest. I knew things were rough, having just finished the first round of big edits. Also, my query was a “first attempt” and the synopsis was thrown together with very light editing. 

I know I’m a bad girl and I should have spent more time on it but I was so excited. 

Patience is supposedly a virtue — but not one that I have.

The critique was what I expected, gave me a lot of hinters and a direction to go. It came at a perfect time since I just started editing again on Goddess Born.


Basically, this is me randomly saying that I loved entering this contest and taking the plunge by putting my novel-baby out in the world.


Hope everyone has a productive weekend!


A Whisper In The Ear

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