PPWC 2014 Thursday Prequel

One of the reasons I chose Pikes Peak Writers Conference as the first conference to go to back in 2012 was because they seemed to offer more for their money they were asking. It’s awesome.

One of the great things is the Thursday Prequel they do the Thursday before the actual conference so it turns a normal three day conference into a four day conference for a small extra fee. You get to choose one workshop out of four choices for both the morning and afternoon (2 workshops total for the day) and each lasts three hours with an hour for lunch between the workshops.

When you register for the conference and choose the Thursday Prequel you get to pick which two workshops you want to do – it’s a tease, I swear, because I’m one of those people that like to plan which workshops I’m doing (granted when I show up at the conference it changes a thousand times because of conflicts) and when I get to pick these two and not the others I end up constantly checking to see updates on the workshops.

I’m not crazy, I swear. If you meet me at the conference, I promise to be normal. Or as normal as most writers can be, because I mean, we’re all a little crazy sometimes.

Back to what I was talking about, the Thursday Prequel, and I’ll give you a little look-sie in to what this year has to offer.

First, the ones I picked:

My morning is going to be all about editing. Edit Yourself: Practical Steps to a Polished Manuscript is going to be presented by Tiffany Yates Martin (with FoxPrint Editorial).

Here’s the blurb on it per the Pikes Peak Writers website: Your work has to be as polished as it can be to stand out from the crowd. Learn how to approach editing your own work, with specific steps every author should take to make sure the vision in their head matches what’s actually on the page and make sure it grabs attention from agents, editors, and readers.

I’ve always sucked at editing, it’s one of the reasons it took so long for me to finish Goddess Born because I would stop to edit and get so distracted and want to change things dramatically that editing became, basically, a whole new rewrite and the book wasn’t even finished. Since Tiffany Yates Martin works in editing, it’ll be nice to have a professional input on how to approach the editing process on Goddess Born.

After lunch, we’ll jump into the afternoon workshop and I’ll be spending three great hours on query letters with Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency in what they are appropriately calling the workshop: Write the Query Right.

And the blurb: The founder of Inklings Literary Agency is here to help you make the query letter make sense. Michelle will share her vast knowledge of the writing world, teaching you what a query letter really needs and helping you get your own Query Letter submission-ready!

After getting Goddess Born finished, I do want to start querying after I do some touch up with editing, and since my experience with queries is from horror stories found on different blogs, I really want to feel confident when I start sending my query out. A lot of what I’ve been doing these last couple weeks is trying to nail down one to bring with me since it mentions the option of going over it in the workshop.

The other offerings range from non-fiction and Indie Publishing, to Pitching and marketing. There is also going to be a two-parter on the process of going through a murder from investigating the scene, the paramedics as well as understanding the killer and finding who did it.

The murder mystery one seems awesome and I debated pretty hard on doing that versus the two I picked. I mean they’re going to have actual paramedics, FBI agents and profilers and more. But I figured since it’s not really my genre at this point and that I wanted to focus on where I am in this stage of Goddess Born, I’d go with what I picked.

I hope you guys check this conference out because it is awesome! If you’re going, I hope to see you there.


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