PPWC 2014 Keynote Speakers

Okay, so I want to post a few blog posts on Pikes Peak Writers Conference since we’re getting closer and closer.

By closer I mean less than 3 months, and I am overly excited about all of this.

I love this conference because it’s always been fun and they offer such a variety of workshops and always have great keynote speakers. This year follows along that same pattern.

This year we have:

Hank Phillippi Ryan — author of mystery and crime fiction including her newest: The Wrong Girl.

Jim C. Hines — Author of Goblin Quest and someone who is hilarious on Twitter.

Gail Carringer — Writer of urban fantasies with steampunk flair, like her Parasol Protectorate books. Until her I had heard about steampunk but never really indulged, now I love it.

Chuck Wendig — All around amazing writer. Just published a new book Cormorant.


I’ve always liked listening to all of the encouraging and entertaining speeches that the keynotes always have during the lunches and dinners.

I look forward to seeing what is in store and the different workshops that are coming.


Hope to see you all in April!



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