So, a post.

I am feeling accomplished, a post every month.

Once a month is so much better than once a year.

I planned on making this post at the beginning of the week, but things got … 

That’s an excuse. I just forgot. 

Granted things are busy this time of year: our kids will be down for the holidays. My hubs started a new job and we’re all getting used to the new schedule.

One nice thing about the new schedule is I am up to see some kick ass sunrises and moonsets. Bad thing about it is I am up early enough to see some kick ass sunrises and moonsets. Missing sleep and learning to survive on the new schedule.

On the mornings that I can’t get back to sleep, I end up going to my local Starbucks, where I usually would go on Fridays and my goal is to be able to use that extra time to get some writing done, but so far that’s been unsuccessful. After finishing Goddess Born, I’ve really been lacking the urge to write. 

I did get most of a first chapter written for New Idea, but not much. I have been thinking about it again so I just might do some writing on it later today.

I also want to start doing some grammar and flow edits on Goddess Born. I also want to get a query and synopsis written for it for before the conference in April. I submitted one of each when I entered the contest, but I can honestly say it wasn’t my best work, and I want to tighten both up before then. 

I was told I should pitch at the conference. I don’t know if I have the nerve. So far I haven’t set up an appointment, but that might change.

We shall see.

Anyways, I hope all of you have happy holidays and a glorious New Year. I hope to post more before than, but if not, you’ve now got the season’s greetings. 🙂