The New Idea

Alright, so I outlined a new story.

This one is going to stay young adult this time, dammit.

Let’s have looksie into the story shall we:

  • It involves dragons.
  • It involves … I don’t really want to say time travel, but kind of.
  • We have the classic love story.
  • MAGIC (I think this was an obvs one, if you have dragons and no magic, I’d be confused).
  • A curse.

I need to do some research, so there is a trip to the library in my future, but I am excited to write this story.

I was worried about another idea and now I have one, I just have to write it. And not take a dozen years to finish it.

I don’t think I’m back in the writing groove yet though because I think I’ve started the first chapter a couple times already and failed. But I still have a good feeling about this idea.

Happy writing everyone.

A Whisper In The Ear

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