So, my birthday is on Friday and I totally forgot how old I was going to be.

I had to pull out a calculator because I couldn’t actually think about it.

I remember watching TV where there were characters in their twenties and I would think things like “I won’t do that when I’m that old” or “I can’t wait to be that old”.

There are still points in time where I think those things, but then I have a reality check of: “Oh, I’m older than that”. Thankfully with the “I hope I won’t/don’t” statement, at least I can say, for the most part, that I haven’t done those things.

It’s that second statement that gets me. The waiting to be old enough to do things.

I mean, there are plenty of things I wish I could have had accomplished by now, but I can’t say I regret anything.

I do love my life, and I do want to go forward and actually accomplish some of those goals that I’ve missed out on so far.

But honestly, being happy and having my family be happy is the best thing. We have our ups and downs, but for the most part the ups definitely outnumber the downs.

Happy birthday to me!

A Whisper In The Ear

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