The Next Book

I think one of my biggest fears when finishing this book was: “Do I have another one in me?”

I read blogs by writers where they say they get idea after idea after idea for stories and can’t get them down fast enough.

I guess I’ve never really been that lucky.

Ideas for stories do come to me occasionally, but fleshing them out to “book like” versus a two sentence idea has never been easy. Sometimes I can’t even take it from those two sentences to a fleshed out idea.

When I finished Goddess Born, this cold fear came over me that it would stop there. That the wonderful love of writing would end there because I didn’t have an idea for another book.

I realized though that I did notate some concepts down, plus I also had an idea for a couple other characters in my existing world that I could flesh out. Then Lynn’s story from Goddess Born could also have a second book to it as well if I really wanted.

So, while I want to let Goddess Born sit aside to rest for awhile and let some readers look over it, my plan is to go through those ideas and see how far I can flesh them out.

I don’t want this fear to take me over and my old ideas are putting it into the area of a dull ache, let’s hope I can find the next book out there.

A Whisper In The Ear

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