Week three


I hit my goal and then some. I should have had six chapters done, I now have nine including the one from last week.

Got past that slump and pushed myself to getting some words down:

Monday 10/14: I finished 4 chapters
Wednesday 10/16: I finished 1 chapter
Friday 10/18: I finished 2 chapters
Today 10/19: I finished 1 chapter.

Hopefully this is a good sign of a pattern. I’m caught up now, and even if I hit a slump again, hopefully that three chapter padding will help.

Side note: I decided earlier this month that one thing to encourage myself to keep to my schedule was to enter a contest.

Pikes Peak Writers does a contest for each conference year. Since I have finished, other than some editing, I want to start putting the book out there.

Yesterday I put in my entry. I had to submit a short synopsis – that was not a joy to write – as well as a query, and a part of my story.

I have never been so nervous!

A Whisper In The Ear

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