Week four

Still going strong, I think what’s happening is work has eased up on the type of calls we’re taking, so I have a little slack time to work as well.

Fridays and Mondays tend to be my get’er done days. Because they are both light on the calls and Friday is my Starbucks day.

Another successful week, and finishing up ahead of schedule again. This time I got seven additional chapters done:

Tuesday 10/22: I finished 2 chapters
Thursday 10/24: I finished 1 chapter
Friday 10/25: I finished 4 chapters

If I move at this rate I might be done before the end of the year!

Wish me luck.

Happy writing to everyone, it’s almost NaNo time.


Week three


I hit my goal and then some. I should have had six chapters done, I now have nine including the one from last week.

Got past that slump and pushed myself to getting some words down:

Monday 10/14: I finished 4 chapters
Wednesday 10/16: I finished 1 chapter
Friday 10/18: I finished 2 chapters
Today 10/19: I finished 1 chapter.

Hopefully this is a good sign of a pattern. I’m caught up now, and even if I hit a slump again, hopefully that three chapter padding will help.

Side note: I decided earlier this month that one thing to encourage myself to keep to my schedule was to enter a contest.

Pikes Peak Writers does a contest for each conference year. Since I have finished, other than some editing, I want to start putting the book out there.

Yesterday I put in my entry. I had to submit a short synopsis – that was not a joy to write – as well as a query, and a part of my story.

I have never been so nervous!

Week two

Not much better this week.

Got one chapter done but I should have had four by now.

I think the hard part with these chapters right now is the fact that the first three chapters are completely new material, so I have to get that new hook, as well as get the new information put in.

After that it’s a bunch of word chopping, but the next seven chapters have a lot of changes as well.

Let’s hope for a better week next week.

Editing schedule

Okay I have my editing schedule down. I am going to stick to this if it kills me.  I’m giving myself a lot of time, hopefully that won’t mentally make me chicken out.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

I want to have one chapter finished by each Tuesday and Friday, starting today. If I can get more done by each due date then that is spectacular, but that is what my goal is. If I stick to that, and don’t do any more, I’ll have this done by March.

I need to cut my word count a lot. I didn’t limit words, I just got them out, so the current word count is nowhere near publishable. To accomplish this goal, I’ve set word count limits to each chapter. If I can stick to those and not go over then my book will be less than half of what it is now.

Cross your fingers for me.