Future plans

Alright, so I’ve been writing again.

Well, kind of I guess.

After my epiphany at PPWC2013, I decided that a pro-con list wasn’t going to be enough, other then to make the decision for me that these changes need to happen, or this story isn’t going to work.

So, what I’ve been doing for the last week-ish has been going through the chapters I have written. I have about 35 of my planned 63 chapters written, a little more than half the story.

While going through the chapters I’m looking at a couple things:

How I’ll need to change the chapter if Douglas is gone – this is the character that I wanted to remove.
How I’ll need to change the chapter if Dallia is gone – this is the country that I wanted to remove.

With Douglas and Dallia gone, there are a couple things I have to figure out as well:

How my love story is going to develop.
How the bad guys is really attacking things.
Whether I can keep this a young adult story or if I need to up the ages a bit.

I’m getting close to being done with going through the 35 chapters I have done at this point and have a really large word document put together which has all my notes.

My next goal is going to be writing out the new outline, seeing if I can put together an actual plan of action.

One of my new habits has been to go to Starbucks Friday mornings.

The hubs goes in earlier than I do on Friday so that means I have about 3 hours to play, or work I guess you could say, before the job actually starts.

I wasn’t accomplishing much at the house on these days, so I decided to go somewhere. So I save about $20 a month to get a coffee, which with their membership I can get free refills on, and spend that time writing. Hopefully it’ll be successful.

Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go!


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