H is for …


So this is Aislynn’s home country. The way I have it working is that it is very similar to set up of America, but more the early America where things were still very, heavily wooded.


Hycintha has two governments – at least if you talk to the magical folk. The first is just the natural, elected government that the non-magical people have. Similar, again, to the government we have in the U.S. today. Then you have the government of the people that use magic. Which is currently headed by Aislynn’s family – the leadership in this case is passed down by family members.


One thing that the magical people benefit from in their country is the multitude of forests that cover the land. Since the Cats are required to change their form – at least on the full moon, sometimes more – they need the ability to hunt. A nice little benefit from the gods is that there are certain forests that are protected by the gods with a multitude of food to hunt. So sometimes the gods are nice.


Like we talked about yesterday, religion is a hit or miss here. Either they believe in a multitude of gods or no gods. Since the Cats are the main focus of the story – other than the Dallians – we focus mainly on their ideas with religions. And they believe in a multitude of gods. They also know how difficult the gods can make life.


Technology wise, Hycintha is at the same level we are here in the U.S. – they have phones, computers, cars, running water. All those wonderful luxuries that we have today. When I first started writing the story in this world of Aislynn’s, it was a lot less developed. No technology and in the time of horses and buggies. But Aislynn didn’t agree to living like that, so the time frame changed a lot more to the modern times.


I really think that’s all we need to discuss about Hycintha right now. Let’s check out another H word:

  • Haizea: Haizea is Aislynn’s best friend. They grew up together because Haizea’s parents were human and gave birth to a Cat which is a very rare process – non magical people don’t usually give birth to magical children. So, because of this happening, Haizea spent a lot of her time with the Aislynn’s family to learn how to use her magic since her parents couldn’t teach her.


Well, that’s really all I have for you today. See you tomorrow!

Cara Mia Amore

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