G is for …

Gods and Goddesses!

Aislynn’s world is magical one. Similar enough to ours in technology and environment and the creatures there that it could seem like our own place. But there is one difference and that is religion.

Religion in Aislynn’s world encompasses two polar opposites. Those who believe in nothing and those that believe in many-somethings. The gods themselves do occasionally show themselves to their believers but the people that inhabit Torrest Reyenne (this is the name of her world, we’ll talk about it more on the letter T) and it isn’t normally a good thing if they do.

The gods and goddesses made the people of Torrest Reyenne as a toy for them to play with. The people get punished when the gods see fit. And usually those punishments are drastic. Including the complete “re-do” of the people.

In Aislynn’s story there really isn’t much interference of the gods themselves. Other then Calypsa who is a banished goddess, the Cats and everyone else really gets the assistance of the gods and goddesses. The assignment of the Elementai is a god-given right, but when the four are actually named the Elementai there is no goddess or god that comes and says: “You’re it! Have fun.” Which leaves the four members of the Elementai on shaky ground trying to figure out what they are supposed to do with their magic.

The gods and goddesses have rules that the people with magic are required to follow. The biggest one being the fact that those with magic are not allowed to show their magic to those that are not initiated into the magical world. If they take the risk and try to, or even accidentally, show their magic, the punishment is death. Not only death to the one with magic but the one who saw it used and shouldn’t have. There are other rules and regulations that the gods require their people to follow, but they haven’t truly played a part in the story as of yet. (Yes, I am the writer who has come up with a ton of back story to go with my world, some that doesn’t even play a part in the story I’m writing… I’m a world building addict).

So, the gods in my stories like to ignore their people unless those people are breaking rules, then they REALLY like to punish them.

Do you have god system in your stories?

Let’s see what we have for the other G words in my life:

  • Grammar: Wow, I really suck at grammar. Most of the time I have to really go back and read over what I have to make sure it is grammatically correct. Or I have to have others do it. I don’t know why I am so bad at it, I just always have been. I’m a bad, bad writer.

Anyways, those are the G’s that I have right now. I’ll see you tomorrow for the letter H.

8 thoughts on “G is for …

  1. I stick to Christianity for my stories– even in Fantasy. It’s too much a part of who I am, I think.

    As for Grammar, I love it. Even still, when you’re writing, no matter what you know/don’t know, your brain can think it has it perfect and your fingers mistype, and sometimes it’s impossible to see it. It is so annoying!

    • Yeah grammar can really come and bite you in the butt if your fingers get ahead of your head when trying to be grammatically correct while trying to keep pace with the muse.

      As for the religious system — I’m atheist. So, religion really isn’t a part of my life, which was why it was kind of fun to come up with my religious system in my own story. I didn’t want to make it too heavily important in my story because the story isn’t about the religion or lack thereof, but I do like playing with it. It changes and grows just like the rest of my world building.


    • In all honesty, the gods and goddesses in my story don’t play a heavy role. A lot of the parts they play are side line mentions. But for me, I had to know the role of the gods in order to make sure I didn’t slip up on one page because I really didn’t think about it.

      I love to world build and one of the fun ones for me was how the religion worked.


  2. World building is the best part of writing, in my opinion. It sounds like you have some great theology going.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

    • Thanks for stopping in!

      I agree, world building is a lot of fun! Even when the things you world build on the side don’t play a heavy part it is nice to know about the world you are playing in so that you don’t get lost when it becomes important.


    • Thanks for stopping in Peggy!

      The gods only play minor parts in the story so far, but I hope they play a little more later, I’ve enjoyed the world building so far!

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