F is for …


Hey guys, welcome back!

Up to day six and the letter F. I’m going to talk about family in two parts today: as it relates to my own and how family takes shape in my current WIP.

So let’s go through an update on my family:

  • Girls have been down her for five months this month. We are finally getting into a nice settled pattern now. School and activities and everything fun like that. Since school is starting to become more settled, we are trying to get the girls into some extracurricular activities as well. Aurora play flute with the band at school and is looking to take a Tae Kwon Do like her daddy did when he was her age. Aria wants to take dance and gymnastics. Clara wants to do all of that and more. We told her we’d see what we can do.

    They each have now had their conferences and are doing well. Little struggles here and there, but we’re working on those things. At least the struggles they have are workable, they are brilliant girls and they are going to go far with direction that they were missing before now. They are blooming into beautiful young ladies.

  • Todd and I are both extremely happy. Especially since the above bullet happened. We are a nice complete family, all nice and settled together. We were always missing something between visitations before, and now that we have them here for the majority of time, it is a nice feeling of happiness that has rained down on us. Everything is wonderful. This year is going to be our second year of marriage and our sixth year of dating. Looking forward to many years to follow.


Other than that, life has been good with my family. Everyone is happy and growing wonderfully.

I also want to mention the support that family offers to writers. Or the support they should offer.

My family has always been there through every decision I’ve made. They support my choices and stand by me. They catch me if I fall and help me right myself. I think that is one of the biggest reasons I got the courage to go after this dream of writing as more than just a hobby. I hope all of you get the support that I get myself because I would never want anyone to try and get through the ups and downs of this journey alone.

Family in Aislynn’s story is important, too. Her life revolves around the choices her family makes. Her parents were murdered, her maternal grandmother is the queen of the Cats, and her paternal grandmother is a goddess out for vengeance. Her cousin is part of the Elementai with her.

Her family is her support system. Just like mine is. Is family an important aspect of your story?

Here are some other F words that wander into my life:

  • Facebook: I’ve had Facebook for a long time. It’s a great way to connect with people, I love the fact that it can find people you haven’t seen or talked to in ages just because of some crazy connection you have through another friend. Or the information you put in your profile. I use it right now mostly for my every day life, but since it is linked to my Twitter it gets a lot of my writerly updates as well.
  • Flow: I think this a big part of writing and very important. When you pick up a book you expect to be able to get through it without feeling like you are jerking around getting whiplash because there is no consistent flow. Along those same lines we, as the writers, need to make sure we keep that promise to our readers so our readers don’t get lost.

That’s all my words for today! See you tomorrow.

Cara Mia Amore

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