E is for …


Alright guys, this is day five of the A to Z April 2012 challenge. We are up to the letter E obviously.


So, as a writer, this is a topic we should all be familiar with. We edit the words we say, because, if we didn’t, most of the time those words end up being crap. Admit it, you know I’m right.


I know when it comes to me, when I write the first draft, everything is very rough. I just try to get it all down as fast as it’s writing itself in my brain. If I don’t then I run into blocks. After I’ve gotten chunks of things written, usually a few chapters, I’ll go back through and lightly edit for grammar and misspellings. That’s my process and I like to go with that because that means, I’m not doing a lot of little edits when I finish a draft.


Usually those first edits are very basic. Grammar, misspellings, wrong words (admit it when you are writing in a word doc and it auto corrects you have to go back and change the word to the correct ones).


Sometimes if I get blocked on a current scene that I am working on, I will chunk a few chapters together and go through it. Just reading and picking up things I want to fix. I make notes! And those notes build up. I critique myself (yeah not the greatest thing to do – I do have others that do it as well) and ask questions I think would come up if I ignored the facts floating in my head. If that doesn’t spark something new to be written, I might work on something that is a bigger edit.


Like I mentioned above, I do have others critique my works. A lot of the notes I get from those critiques get edited in ASAP if I think they are important. Other wise they go to my notebook of questions floating around.


So, that jumbled bit of information is done with, let’s talk about some other fun E words:

  • Elementai: This is a term from Aislynn’s word. The Elementai are a four-some of people that are there to protect the world of magic from being abused or shown to the non-magical community. Especially those not initiated in to the world. As the name points toward, each of the four people that are in the group represent a different element: fire, water, wind and earth. Aislynn becomes one of the Elementai and so do Douglas, Silvanius and Haizea.


That’s it for today, folks. See ya tomorrow.

Cara Mia Amore

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8 thoughts on “E is for …

  1. Editing is both my favorite and least favorite tasks. I love it because the first edit is the first time I read the book and get the flow. I get excited about the story in a new and fresh way. It’s so stimulating and, if I am honest, a bit amusing. Some of the things that I write are hilarious–usually because instead of writing what I’m supposed to type, my ears hear something in the room with me and a few words of a conversation, utterly unrelated to the story ends up in the middle of a sentence. A lot of those are dumb, but every now and then– hilarious.

    My least favorite part is also editing. This is usually after the first or second edit when all fleshing and major rough stuff is done. Then the editor gets a hold of it and EEEK. Point by every little bitty point. UGH. Every non-parallel phrase that I missed, every extraneous or missing comma, everything. That part… no so fun.

    Happy editing!

    • I know exactly what you mean! Those first edit sessions are fun after you’ve finished because you get to see where you started and where you went from there and get to make sure that everything works well. I know I have caught things that make me go “where in the world was I going with that?” and I have to go back and either remove or find the fit again.

      Those line edits where you are looking for grammar, punctuation, and what I like to call the un-fun parts of writing that get missed are definitely no fun at all. But we all have to do it.


    • See that’s something I worried about with the term, I’m still playing with it, searching for the right fit. Honest to god I started with The Four, because there was four of them, so I think I have a step up from that, but still trying to feel it out.

      The coming up with words and terms can be a lot harder than I thought 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am in editing HELL right now, with a looming deadline from my publisher. Oh, and one of my main character is lacking GMC (goal, motivation, conflict). I’m panicking right now, but I hope to fix it with some surgical precision pronto.

  3. I like the concept of the cadre of people there to proecct teh world of magic. ;o)

    Yes, the editing is endless. It seems like the moment you catch one mistake, two more grow in their place…

    • That’s exactly what I mean! When you find one thing, you see that the fix doesn’t fix everything, just points out things you have to now fix to make the fix work. Or you just see things you missed before!


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