D is for …


Okay, so I have vaguely mentioned Dallia before. It is one of the lands in Aislynn’s world. A proudly magic free land. Oh and human free – except those held by slavery. I’m still working out how it specifically works with the human world that is part of the story. In all essence, it is an avoided land. I haven’t decided why yet or why they haven’t been ‘invaded’. Still working on that aspect, human life – by this I mean those that either don’t have magic or those that are unaware that it exists – doesn’t play a big part in my story. A lot of the story is focused on the magical world.


Dallians are tattooed people. Both men and women ritualistically tattoo themselves in a deep blue color. Designs and new markings are added at specific milestones in their lives. They get their first tattoos when they are three – which they qualify as the ‘birth’ of their life despite the fact that they were physically born before, their lives truly start when the have the cognitive ability to truly relate to their surroundings – and continue to get them through their lives. Those that are of poorer standings have a rough hue to them, they are jagged and mostly done by a family member. Those that are rich have beautifully done tattoos done by people who have trained to specifically do them. You can tell the social standing of the people just by the quality of their tattoos.


The gods revoked all magic from the Dallians after a great war between the humans and the magical folk in millennium past. Those of the Dallian race were the worst offenders during the war – they abused the rules and those without magic – and now have no magic to call their own. The humans had the memories of these battles wiped, but the Dallian still hunt those ignorant to the magic of the world and use them as slaves. The Dallian’s rebellion is focused on destroying all known magic in the world – including Aislynn’s people.


The Dallian king, Ant’llen has been working with royal family of the Cats. Trying to avoid war and to stop the different rebellious factions that have sprouted up through the years. Including Cadeyrn’s faction.


So really that is all I want to say about this right now, because if I go too far into it I think I’ll give too much away. So here are some more D words for you:

  • Douglas: Fictional character. He sees himself in deep like with Aislynn. Aislynn is not so sure what she feels about him, but she is drawn to him. He is part of the Elementai – more on that later – and stands as Aislynn’s opposite.
  • Drafting: How many drafts are too many? I don’t think there is a set answer on that. I think as writers, we rewrite until things are perfect. Red pens universally mark up hundreds of things in printed documents as we edit. If you are a plotter, you might be able to get a way with only a few rewrites up to when you feel it is perfect. But first-drafting is a “get it out there” process – at least for me – and I don’t always follow a plan so things in the beginning from a first draft don’t always match up with things in the middle or the end, the drafting process allows you to take from very rough to very sparkly, with several stops in the middle.
  • Dialogue: I have a problem with dialogue. I use it to info dump. I’m a bad, bad girl and I really need to work on it. Nothing much more to say on that besides I suck.


See you tomorrow!

Cara Mia Amore

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