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Alright, so welcome to the first day of the A to Z Challenge 2012! And welcome to any of the new visitors to the blog, I hope you enjoy your stay.

So the main topic of today’s post is going to be Aislynn. She is the main character of my current work in progress.

She is a handful! She whispers to me all the time, telling me to go one way or another in the story, and not always where I am planning for her to go. She has a spitfire attitude and is not happy when she can’t get her way. I’m sure plenty of you writers out there know what I am talking about, those characters that just don’t ever shut up.

Aislynn lives in a world similar to ours, but one full of a hidden magic. Something she has grown up with and had to hide from the majority of the people of her world. She’s seventeen, going on eighteen and she is trying to keep that magic in control (it has a habit of trying to come out at the worst possible times). Part of the curse of her people is that they are forced to change their form in to an animal that is predetermined by the gods themselves. In Aislynn’s case, she is a tiger – but not just a regular old tiger as we know them, but one that is a beautiful blue and black.

Her story has haunted my thoughts for awhile. The funny thing is that when I started writing a story based in her world, it did not involve Aislynn. She wasn’t even a part of the original story. I had a world built and a completely different character set to run the show. I actually even got 200 pages of that story written before I realized there was no actual story there, and that it was going no where. So I decided to sit down and actually figure out where I wanted to go with the story.

And before I knew it, that mental door was being knocked on and Aislynn was ready to take the scene.

Let’s just say it has been a fun adventure chasing her around this world I have in my head.

Alrighty, let’s talk about some other A words:

  • Adventure: My story is a nice little adventure type story, Aislynn will be going on a journey – an adventure – to overcome her problems.
  • Aurora: This is the name of my oldest daughter, though not the age of the characters of my story, she helps me view the world through the eyes of someone younger than myself. Especially since I am not a teen anymore. (Shh… don’t tell anyone). She is definitely the “older sister” type, she is very protective of her sisters and defends them forever. Despite periodically getting annoyed with them. Her reactions are fun to incorporate into the story.
  • Aria: My middle daughter, falls along the same lines as Aurora, her outlook on life really does help me create some interesting characters for my stories. She has such a bright and happy disposition that she has a habit of rubbing off on some of my characters that are supposed to have the same disposition.
  • Atarah: This is a character is Aislynn’s story, she is actually the grandmother. She is also the queen of Aislynn’s people. She has a lot on her shoulder and is trying to train Aislynn to be a strong leader, since she will be who replaces Atarah once the time comes.
  • Ant’llen: He is the king of the Dallian people (we’ll talk about them on day four…). Again, part of the fictional world that lives in my head and my Word documents. His position is very unstable; a lot of his people are trying to start a war with him and Atarah’s people. Drama to the extreme when he comes onto the scene. He isn’t the bad guy of the story, but his people are.

So, that kind of wraps it up for our first day. I hope you enjoyed a look into the A’s of my life. See you tomorrow!

Cara Mia Amore

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14 thoughts on “A is for…

  1. I like the tiger idea, too. Very clever. I was going to say that I’ve never written an animal protag, but then I realize we’re not reallly talking about an animal, but a shapeshifter….and I have written those! So I totally get it ;o)

    BTW, I’ve heard good things about the Pike’s Peak Writers Conference. Carol Berg is gonna be there, and she’s wonderful. ;o)

  2. The trials and tribulations of discovering a story wants to go in a completely different direction than you thought. I am glad it’s working out!

  3. I have always been a big fan of the name Aislynn and your character sounds perfect–exactly the sort of personality that fits a name like hers.

    Her world sounds intriguing, and I know what you mean about characters that just do their own thing without regard for the wear and tear on your fingers as you try to keep up!

    Fascinating premise.

    • I’ve like the name since I came up with and I hope she continues to live up to what I picture in my head for that name!

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to read.

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