I suck…

So, it’s been awhile since I wrote anything for this blog. I had wanted to get more up on it, but I’ve been in this “I suck” cloud in regards to my writing in general that I think I’ve been hiding from any form of it.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. I do that a lot.

I discovered that juggling so many hats is hard. Writer, wife, mother and full time employee, and each of them have their own strict demands. Sometime I feel like I get buried under all those hats and demands.

But the “woe is me” feel of this post was not my intent. So let’s talk about what is.

Every once in awhile on Twitter, a lot of the writers I follow and talk to there bring up a very interesting topic and their opinions on it. That topic is a question that I think a lot of writers get faced with on a daily basis: How do you find the time to write?

Time seems to fly now that I juggle all of my hats but I still work at finding time to get some writing done. Even if it is only a few words that I end up deleting later, I try and write something. What is nice is that one of my days off for my day job is Monday which means if I do the chores and errands I need to do during the weekend, I pretty much have an entire day to write. Or at least I do if the girls are in school and I don’t have anything else planned.

If writing is more than a hobby, you find the time to write. I tell myself that repeatedly. I can’t tell you how much I would love to remove one of those hats – that one where I work a full time job – and be able to say that I can write all day. But unfortunately, at least right now, I can’t.

You want to know where I find time:

  • At work during my breaks and my lunch – my breaks (since they are shorter) are usually spent editing or going over what I previous wrote and making notes, sometimes I use that time to work on critiques I’ve promised to do. My lunch is spent writing all NEW words.
  • After work – After dinner and homework, and when the kids are in bed, I try to get some writing done. That can be anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, to a couple hours depending how everything else went.
  • Sundays – This day is usually packed full of chores and errands, but I try and sneak some writing in when I get a moment.
  • Mondays – Kids are in school and hopefully I’m free. If I am I can get a good 5-6 hours while they are in school. And then if I am lucky then I can usually get some extra hours here in there that day as well (when they are doing homework and when they go to bed).

When we look at this list and I just count the times that I can usually guarantee (Mondays and during my lunches/breaks at work) I can technically fit in about 11 hours a week to write in one form or another.

So, why have I not been working on my writing?

I’ve been in a funk. An “oh my gosh I need to breathe” on my breaks. We have all been trying to get settled in this new routine and I find that I am running out of time to do anything besides what needs to get done.

Lately when I have been trying to sit down and write I have found that I am completely lacking any inspiration. Nothing wants to come out of my mind and on to the paper.

Like I said: I’m in an “I suck” stage and I haven’t found a way to break that feeling down and get past it.

How do you guys get out of that funk?

Cara Mia Amore


A Whisper In The Ear

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