Friday Ten 10/28/11

Hey guys,

I wanted to post this weeks Friday Ten. Which may or may not make it to ten… So, here we go:

1. So this will be my Halloween post. So every year at work we do themes among the departments and whoever wins then gets to have a pizza party or some such thing. My department did pirates. Which was fine, I participated. I dressed up. But our decorations were really tacky, sad to say. I wish we went through the time and planning to get it as narrowed down to being awesome because it could have been. Another department did a Zombieland theme and it rocked. I may or may not have a picture of me. And I will not be showing it.

2. So a few weeks ago I started Weight Watchers. I suck at it because I fail at exercise. I try to watch my food intake and stay within my points but really I don’t think I am at a point in my life that I can really commit myself to it. There are other things I want to focus on.

3. In the world of writing I have Aislynn’s story pretty much plotted from start to finish. Which is an accomplishment for me because I am terrible at plotting. Which brings me to…

4. So I have set up my own goal for NaNo. I want to see if I can finish Aislynn’s story in November. I am shooting for over 50K — in honesty probably closer to 100K — but I think if I set the goal I just might be able to finish it. Which is a pretty difficult thing since I still am going to be working full time, but hopefully I’ll be able to cut some time out for myself and really push myself into getting words down.

5. So I’m not sure I really said anything about the conference I am planning to go to. It’s the Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference. It’s April 20-22, but there is also an add on day on the 19th. I want to go all four days. I’m excited and I haunt their website, waiting for the day they put out the brochure so I can see what exactly the workshops will be and who the speakers will be. You guy may think I’m crazy planning for a conference without knowing their schedule but I looked at their past years line ups and don’t see anything wrong with the workshops they offer or they speakers they bring in. Plus it’s their 20th anniversary, so I think it should be exciting.

6. Our girls are going to be getting here around the 14th — which is sucky in the sense they miss Halloween down here which I was looking forward to but awesome it will be so soon. They are going to be here for a few months as the first part of this newer arrangement we have come to with their mother. They are being home schooled now so we get a lot more leeway with the visitation (in the sense that we do not have to base it on the school holidays). It’s going to be a new experience and hopefully one that will work well for all of us.

7. Other life things. We’ve decided to move. Which is more of a big deal then it sounds. When we moved into our current apartment we were very happy and it worked pretty well for us. We decided we wanted to stay here until we could afford to get a house. But that changed for a few reasons. First and foremost, the girls are getting older and we need a little more space, especially since the plan is to have them down with us more often because of the home schooling. Second off is that things have not been perfect here (but not nearly as bad as our first place). Things have slowly started to get worse in regards to the appliances. The dryer takes 2-3 cycles before it actually gets close enough to be considered dry. The dish washer takes almost as many cycles to clear dishes because its a dish washer circa 1990s and the water shooting up just from the bottom does not clean the top rack of dishes. It gets to the point where I hand wash them and pretty much put them in for them to get completely cleaned. So basically things suck. The new place we are looking at is bigger, about the same rate and since the washer and dryer and appliances are ALL included instead of some being rented I think they would be more up on the getting things fixed.

8. So my cat. Again. Is seriously pickier than a three year old. You have to get just the exact thing she wants at the time to feed her. We have switched her to primarily wet food (with a supplement of dry food if she gets hungry). We use Aristocats brand because she has always liked it when we gave wet food as a treat versus a meal. Well, I found another brand that was a little easier on the pocketbook for bigger servings. She refuses to even touch it. So apparently it was harder on my pocket book then intended. This cat drives me crazy even though I love her dearly.

9. My husband is amazing and so very supportive and I just want to leave him a message here telling him how wonderful he is.

10. So, I live in Denver. We are known for the snow. I hate snow. We got snow on Tuesday, its still sitting around because it is so cold. My husband makes fun of me because I was wanting it to be colder and I always turn around and wish it would be warmer in winter. But honestly the fall and winter are my favorite time of the year because of my favorite holidays and my birthday and just everything is fun and wonderful.


Anyways, that’s my Friday 10 for this week. Hope to entertain you some more soon!


Cara Mia Amore

A Whisper In The Ear

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