Day Twenty-Nine

Day twenty-nine: How often do you think about writing? Ever come across something IRL (in real life) that reminds you of your characters or your story?

I think my writing is something that is always on my mind, whether consciously or subconsciously. It really doesn’t take much for me to get into the mindset of writing because it is something that is constantly right there on my mind and is easy to pull forward. Most of the time at least. I have mix feelings about that fact though, I mean its nice being able to pull all of it forward when I need it and to start writing, but it is slightly inconvenient if I get a sudden urge and need to write and I am no where that I can do that. That’s why I always have a pad of paper with me whenever I go anywhere; there is also one beside my bed and at work. No cute, small purses for me because I always shop with the fact that I’ll have a standard, letter-sized notepad that I have to fit into the bag in mind. I’m just crazy that way.

As for when it comes to different things in life reminding me of my writing and the characters and stories they belong in yeah some things do remind me of it all. One day that pops in to my head is when I went to the zoo with my step-daughters and we saw the big cats, tigers to be specific, and I got to watch how they lived in the “wild” (granted not really the wild, but my characters in tiger form aren’t wild either), I got to see them interact. Some of the best unintentional research ever!

Other then that, little things will show up but a lot of my characters and my story are in my head. The world is unlike ours in many ways and it’s a lot more difficult to see the world as they see it – at least in relation to viewing our own.

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