Day Twenty-Eight

Day twenty-eight: Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them, and if there’s nothing major to speak of tell us a few smaller ones.

Not really. I mean my characters have their flaws but nothing that would truly be classified as a disability (whether it’s mental or not). Some of my characters have interesting psychological things happening to them, but in their world it’s not really classified as anything more then weird magic. But we can go ahead and talk about some “flaws” my characters have that could be misconstrued as disabilities in our world.

Noah – His magic allows him to do a few things that would probably get him committed to a facility if this was our world but just makes him strong in his. He is a prophet, not only does he get visions but he gets ones that are prophecy for his people and is potentially life/world changing. He gets different visions of different forks off those prophecies. It’s interesting for me to write, and unfun for him to live. Another one of his gifts is he can see people in their different forms. Example: say he runs into a room of people and some are human and some are not – those that are human would just look like themselves but those who are not, say a Cat, would shimmer back and forth between his or her human shape and their animal shape.

Selene – She hears voices. Granted, the voice she hears is that of a very angry goddess that can use her voice to kill, but she still hears her in her head where no one else can. But like I said, this is how magic works in their world, to be talked to by a goddess would not cause anyone to blink an eye in their world. To hear voices in our world would have someone either institutionalized and/or medicated.

Aislynn – Her life is lived with a second personality in her head. Usually when a character in my books are shape shifters the form they take is one in the same with themselves. They are physically aware of the difference but mentally they are the same and are aware of the actions they do in either form. Aislynn, because of her heritage, is mentally separate from her tiger form. Though she is mentally aware when she is in the form of her tiger she doesn’t necessarily have control but she is aware. It is like she is two people in one body.


So, as you can see a lot of my characters have signs of what would be considered mental disabilities/illnesses, but in their world these are just signs of what would be considered strong magic.


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