Day Twenty-Seven

Day twenty-seven: Along similar lines (as yesterday), do appearances play a big role in your stories? Tell us about them, or if not, how you go about designing your characters?


When it comes to description and my characters, I am currently a little slack on describing them. I see them in my head when I’m writing, but I’ve had some difficulty in getting the descriptions out in the writing. Been working on that. One of the goals I have is to nail down, in writing, exactly how I see my characters and that’s been fun to do.


But when it comes to certain descriptions that I find import in the story – say if a character gets hurt and gets a scar that might play a role – I am usually good at describing that. An example would be Aislynn, in one of the chapters of her story a major turn of events is when she gets her dreams “hijacked” by a Dallion priest and that priest plans on scarring her using the standard that is used for his people. Basically carving symbols in a person’s body, and he uses this to try and punish and hurt her. When she wakes up she ends up covered in these symbols and blood and they are left on her forever. It’s a fun scene that I think I used description well in.


Along that same line I have the Dallions. Part of their culture is to be marked and/or tattooed as they go through life. Different symbols that represent different stages of their life and they begin to receive them from birth until death. These are similar to marks that are forced on Aislynn all at once in the scene above but the Dallion’s marks become colored in unlike regular scars and take on a bluish tint.


I have a lot of fun describing abnormalities and I am attempting to broaden those descriptions to other aspects of the story as well.

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