Day Twenty-Six

Day twenty-six: Let’s talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OC (original characters) and post your favorite picture!


I may have touched base on this once or twice in different places, but I don’t believe I’ve ever talked about it here. I could not draw to save my life. Well, no that’s wrong. I can draw maybe one or two things. And not very well. I can draw a very simple flower (you know the one you learn in kindergarten where you take a circle and then add half circles for petals – that’s the one I can draw), a heart, sometimes I can draw a shape that looks like an eye but other then that I’m really a failure. Even my stick figures kind of suck which is a slightly depressing thought.


So, in answer to this question, no I do not draw. And really I have never asked anyone to try and draw my characters. Never really thought about it in any extreme. Maybe one day when I’m really famous someone will draw me fan art! (Psh … if I ever get to the point of really famous I hope if I ever felt the need to get my characters drawn I’d ask one of the few people I know to draw them. But fan art would be an interesting concept.)


So, since I can’t draw, I’m going to tell you a story about art. When I was in … middle school I think, I decided I was going to take an art class. Mostly because my two best friends actually had a wonderful artistic talent and I wanted to take a class with them. Hah, that was ridiculous. I found out I was not very bad at certain things like basic shapes. I was actually reasonably good at one of the projects they did where you took a current image (like some picture taken from online) and they you plotted it out and either enlarged it or shrank it. I think I was only good at it because the concept and work of the job was already done, I just copied it and did what I needed to do. I was also reasonably good at the calligraphy part of the class, but that’s mostly because my mom used to do it for fun and I had dabbled in trying it myself before.


But really, the point of this story is that I took an art class and realized that I was decent at mimicry of others’ work but when it came to coming up with my own idea I complete failed. A little back story before I move on: about this time of my life my friends and I were also fans of an anime called Sailor Moon. I imagine there are some of you out in the internet world that have heard of it (or at least have reasonable research skills to pull up Google, Wikipedia, or some other such tool to look it up) and each of us had our favorite characters. My favorite was Saturn, I also was addicted to purple. So taking that back story a little further, our final project was to come up with our out image involving something we like. Of course my friends and I chose to do something with the characters from Sailor Moon. Well let’s just say the picture sucks. I decided to do a picture of Sailor Moon herself in her usual getup. I think I even still have the picture. It was complete disproportioned, she had a razor-edge pointy chin (if she was real she would cut right through ya!), there was know depth to the picture at all.


So I hope you enjoyed my confession on my lack of art skills and I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow!


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